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Good Morning Maggie

  I opened my eyes to hear the Magpie’s glorious morning song. It fills my heart with joy, reminding me I am here, in this day, where anything is possible. Surrounded by nature I feel blessed. “Good morning Maggie.” says a soft … Continue reading

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Follow Your Heart

When you discover your gifts, those moments of inspiration take hold. The hours speed past, yet you feel like you are in a place where time stands still. A place where you feel complete. “The goal of life is to … Continue reading

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Making ART with the sisterhood at Bundanon

“ART is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”   – Oscar Wilde Two nights and three days attending an art retreat at Bundanon, it would not be stretching the truth if I said I could not … Continue reading

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A Moment Shared

There are times in my life when I am awestruck by the beauty in this life. My husband showed me his photo. A dragonfly, kissed by the morning dew. I’m transfixed by it. He captured it on his iphone because he had no camera at the … Continue reading

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British Bee I Love Thee Once I met a British Bee. It was the finest thing I ever did see. Most Bee’s I’d met liked fizzy pop. They buzzed around and would never stop. This one for sure, is British … Continue reading

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