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Story Prompt 3 Winnie and Wink

This Prompt was not as easy as the other two. Not because I wasn’t inspired by all the wonderful and whacky prompts. No, it was a busy time. School holidays (say no more!),  Art Retreat at Bundanon (fabulous as always), seven … Continue reading

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Now is the Hour

Now is the Hour. Did you find yourself scratching your head and asking, what happened to January? Not me, (for once) determined to live each day in the moment. I kept my promise to myself and stayed on target with my projects. Checking … Continue reading

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Prompt Me Punk 2

Prompt Me Punk, I dare You! Its BACK. So here is your chance to get involved. If you have followed my blog for a while you might remember the picture book writing prompt challenge.  A big thanks goes out to … Continue reading

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Nature is My Therapy

As 2014 draws to a close and I say that with a smile. I find myself pondering the lessons learned this year. I have taken the steps, in sharing my art. It is due to this community who have encouraged … Continue reading

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Behind Closed Doors

Winter is reluctant to leave. The days are warming up, yet I sit here shivering. I am eager to write but impatient for the kettle to boil. I Wrap my frozen arthritic fingers around a warm cup of tea and … Continue reading

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Temptation (A crazy cat who loves cake?)

MORE CATS you say, I say sorry, they happen to share the house we live in and inspire me to draw every day. Most people who follow this blog know I steal my ideas for character’s from the animals around … Continue reading

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The Artist in Me

  The ARTIST in me needs to think more like a business woman and less like a day dreamer. Recently I  had the pleasure of illustrating two special pets. Jennifer kelland my fellow blogging friend who won the Pet Portrait. The other illustration was a … Continue reading

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Win a Pet Portrait

Where would we be without our pets? In fact where would this crazy artist be without any animals to draw. Two fun things this week. Firstly I joined illustrationFriday.com/ I hope to complete the weekly challenge as an extra way of refining my picture … Continue reading

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Name that Kitten

WHO ARE YOU A WRITER, WHO WRITES FOR CHILDREN WILL NEED YOUR HELP…. I need to build a solid following for when my picture book is ready for publishing. Illustrations are evolving one by one. This is one of my … Continue reading

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The Bird said MeOW

Picture book prompt from last week…..a parrot who gets in trouble for repeating things.  I scratched up this image so you could imagine my characters to go with the words. MeOW Kath Unsworth Eddie was the happiest bird in the … Continue reading

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