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My Writing Process Tour

My passion to write began as mere daydreams, when I was a little girl. If I did not like the ending of a book I dreamed up new endings. I am honoured to be apart of the blog tour challenge.  I accepted an invitation … Continue reading

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Hear me Roar

I wait and watch, prowling my terrain, when I roar my subjects quake in their boots . I see my enemy and pounce, there are no guilt stricken thoughts only submission, my captive listens in fear of the ferocious female … Continue reading

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Fantasizing About Fiction

What is it about January? It starts with a whoohoo! All guns blazing, a promise to myself that I will write and illustrate every day. I am extremely hopeful of carrying out my set goals and passionate about writing fiction. … Continue reading

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Who let the kids out?

Holiday time and I have decided to entrust my beautiful children with this  creative space, while I illustrate my picture book and edit my novel. This week my daughter is going to share a short story she wrote at school. … Continue reading

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I see you standing there, wishing you had time to do the things of dreams and nonsense, but you are a mother first and a creative second. A dreamer on a mission, a mission to find the balance between being … Continue reading

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Is Bug Watching a SPORT?

The theme word for my local writing group this month was SPORT. A tough one for me. I avoid my laptop, the usual excuses, domestics need my full attention, she writes with a sigh. I choose to be distracted by … Continue reading

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Mad Dreams and Mermaids

Before the dawn she wakes. I am on fire with ideas for stories lately. I am unsure why, maybe because I have been unwell and have been early to sleep. Maybe because I have been mostly illustrating for my picture … Continue reading

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Nothing Stays the Same

BE THANKFUL that nothing stays the same and change is forever challenging us. Teaching patience, courage and for me gratitude. After surviving a nasty case of the flu I am very grateful for my health, now that I feel better. … Continue reading

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

You might think this is an odd question, yet on our recent family holiday my son asked. “Are we having a good holiday mum?” Due to extra sensory needs, sensitivity to noise, constant hyperactivity, add to that a severe case … Continue reading

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Playground of Life

Each, and every soul has a story to tell, we humans journey along our given path battling the demons of life and searching for the truth in who we are, or why we are here on this complicated place we … Continue reading

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