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Story Prompt 3 Winnie and Wink

This Prompt was not as easy as the other two. Not because I wasn’t inspired by all the wonderful and whacky prompts. No, it was a busy time. School holidays (say no more!),  Art Retreat at Bundanon (fabulous as always), seven … Continue reading

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PROMPT Me Punk 3

  Easter Monday and I finally arrive at my blog. My mind on over drive from too much Lindt bunny chocolate. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We were lucky enough to spend it with family on the beach. Autumn is … Continue reading

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Looking out my window in the early hours I see the sun filtering across the mountainside, a soft dappled light of pale yellow. With the grass smothered in a thick layer of frost, I wrap myself up like an Eskimo, little flesh is … Continue reading

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I love Insects they fascinate me. I love to watch them in their miniature worlds doing what they do. I also enjoy sketching them. BUT….. I don’t like spiders INSIDE and especially on my head! It has happened. One time when … Continue reading

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Who Let the Kids Out? (Part 2)

INSPIRE THEM YOUNG I want to thank all those readers that encouraged Willow to keep writing by leaving a comment, she enjoyed reading them all. My nine-year old son has something to share, if you could be so generous and … Continue reading

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Be Bold and Follow Your Dreams

GUEST POST from Childwrites. Firstly I would like to thank Emma  Mactaggart and Ainsley Shepherd for sharing their world with us. Here is the post from Childwrites a fantastic Australian company that changes children’s lives through assisting them in writing … Continue reading

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Get into the GROOVE

Moving with the Groove and I ache all over. I sit here knee-deep in pencil shavings, my neck is stiff and my bum is numb! My biggest challenge with illustrating Sugar Goes to the Fair is making my characters look … Continue reading

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Chasing Broken Rainbows

An Average Day On a cold wretched day when every body else hovered near a warm fire or a gas heater. I found myself sitting on a wonky wooden set of stairs which led down to the rocks scattered at … Continue reading

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Who Inspires WHO

INSPIRATION As I grow, live, learn and laugh, I find myself dazzled by the wonders of watching my children doing the same. We only have one chance at shaping our world, one chance to inspire the young minds we have … Continue reading

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