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Fantasizing About Fiction

What is it about January? It starts with a whoohoo! All guns blazing, a promise to myself that I will write and illustrate every day. I am extremely hopeful of carrying out my set goals and passionate about writing fiction. … Continue reading

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Thomas Keneally and the Hired Help

Back in the day when I worked as a host for a company that supplied staff to corporate boxes in stadiums throughout Sydney, I recall a glossy minuscule moment, a moment I think about often. A day where I had … Continue reading

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How to Calm a Fanatical Mind

My brain rarely stops, I woke at 4.30am this morning, the rusted wheels of inspiration shifted from sleep to creative thought in a blink of one crusty eye. Ideas on my picture book, material for my blog, I could not … Continue reading

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Field Trip

FIELD TRIP (from a wilting mum) The weekend would be filled with frivolity due to my daughter’s tenth birthday. Her wishes? “I want a sponge cake with jam and cream, the one you can buy from the supermarket and a … Continue reading

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FEATHERS of INSPIRATION My daughter spotted this beautiful Kookaburra in Gran’s backyard recently and I captured the moment. With the help of photo’s such as these my character Cackle’s the pet Kookaburra will come to life on the page. In … Continue reading

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