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Making Spirits Bright

We are on the count down to christmas. My patience, tested. The bank balance, diminished. I’m ready to disappear into the scrub, with the birds before all the frivolity and festivities begin. BUT instead I’m going to remind myself to keep it simple. Live in each … Continue reading

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Good Morning Maggie

  I opened my eyes to hear the Magpie’s glorious morning song. It fills my heart with joy, reminding me I am here, in this day, where anything is possible. Surrounded by nature I feel blessed. “Good morning Maggie.” says a soft … Continue reading

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The Magic of Virtual Friendships

It really is a small and wonderful world. I can get to know a person on the other side of the globe, without leaving my house. Learn about how they live in a matter of a few posts. There are no limits to … Continue reading

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Follow Your Heart

When you discover your gifts, those moments of inspiration take hold. The hours speed past, yet you feel like you are in a place where time stands still. A place where you feel complete. “The goal of life is to … Continue reading

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You Can Do It!

Life challenges and surprises me often as do my two gorgeous children. I am now armed with new prisma-colour blue drafting pencils. As I found my black ink outlines on the illustrations were a little too heavy and using these pencils I … Continue reading

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Making ART with the sisterhood at Bundanon

“ART is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”   – Oscar Wilde Two nights and three days attending an art retreat at Bundanon, it would not be stretching the truth if I said I could not … Continue reading

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Let Me Count the Ways

If you think you balance a million and one dreams in your head, spare a thought for this crazy woman, please. I wake up each morn. My mind begins to swirl. Spinning its way through a library of ideas. Each … Continue reading

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Nature is My Therapy

As 2014 draws to a close and I say that with a smile. I find myself pondering the lessons learned this year. I have taken the steps, in sharing my art. It is due to this community who have encouraged … Continue reading

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A Merry Little Christmas

I ask you to tread a gentle path upon this day and the days to come. Christmas is near and we cannot stop it, but we can make it through unscathed and even help those who find it a challenge. I … Continue reading

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Guest Post at A Physical Perspective

Please join me over at  http://brittskrabanek.com/2014/12/02/the-life-enthusiast-chronicles-with-kath/ Britt Skrabanek is a certified Yoga teacher on an adventure of awareness and self-acceptance, an eternal student who is learning to cultivate a peaceful existence. She is also an indie author, who enjoys writing about bold female … Continue reading

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