Sweet Retreat

DSCN8060 (copy)

The most anticipated event of the year!

The Bundanon Art Retreat in April. It has been and gone already!

It is a wonder that I have not blogged about it sooner but my writing days slip into a deep dark void of nothingness. I look at the calendar and feel I have lost clumps of time and I have. It seems to be happening more and more.  I have so many things I could be writing about. Yet my attention and motivation for art have shifted my passions around.

My writing slows and the drive to blog also. I know it’s just a faze. I’m not going to panic, just go where my interests take me. I decided only to blog when I felt the need to share something of value. Yet still, it is almost the end of June! The need to polish those writing skills is the reason I started the blog in the first place. For someone living in a rural setting, (no neighbours). Blogging is a fantastic way to connect with fellow creatives from across the globe. I will try to do better next month.

Now…….back to art. The Bundanon Retreat is available to the common folk due to the generosity of Arthur Boyd and his wife. They decided to donate their homestead and property back to Australia. Many creatives have benefited from the artist in residence programs (would be an amazing experience).

For the second year I drove to Bundanon eager to experience a few days learning new skills. Although it is not just about the art. The energy in the class is a real buzz too.  It is time well spent honing new skills and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. The joy and laughter is infectious. Old friends catch up, share stories of life and also enjoy the odd glass of wine at the end of the day.

Mary and Jim deliver the goods, each lesson activates the senses. Opening my eyes to new ideas. It does help that there are no kids, (I mean that in the nicest way) no one to interrupt that creative flow.

Just me and my muse with oodles of time to play.

One particular area they utilise for inspiration is a walk into the nearby forest. We gear up with protective layers to combat the waiting leeches. They drop from the trees like black rain, with amazing accuracy. No kidding, little suckers turn up without an invitation. Two years running no leech for me. My ammunition? I drown myself in an expensive perfume and wear a pair of chunky boots (worked so far). Jim brings the salt and mozzy spray and off we go.

DSCN8051 (copy)

Sitting under the canopy of tall spotted gums, there is a natural high as my eyes soak up nature. Our teacher Mary hands out the charcoal, we must colour the whole paper black (messy but fun). Mary asks us to choose a view to sketch. She then takes her erasure and proceeds in sketching, by selecting all the highlighted areas first.

I could not wait to start.

DSCN8053 (copy)

After rubbing out the areas of light with my erasure I was stunned at the effect. We were then told to darken the shadowed areas with charcoal once more. A simple technique that had startling effects.


I ended up using a tangerine charcoal to finish. But I actually preferred the black and white one better. The beauty of the exercise is there is no going back and thats okay, its all about the process.

At the end of each day I did not create brilliant work. But boy did I learn many a new technique. The company and general positivity about the camp, leaves a certain joy in your soul, that is only found at Bundanon.

I look forward to getting a place next year. My husband supports my time out and believes I deserve a couple of days off from the Mummy-me. I also get to spend time with two of my beautiful sisters Coleen and Carmel. And their gorgeous friends, like Nicky. Although sis Carm did not plan to stay over night this year and drove home the first night. Her new baby boy needing her more and fate decided that she was not to return when her car had a flat tyre. Hopefully next year Carm.

If you get the chance to go on any kind of retreat I would say go for it! My world is richer for the experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the slides this was only one lesson. We actually learned how to make a collagraph print too. Here is a link to a youtube clip of how its done, I love what this artist creates. I was happy with my raven collagraph, yes I had to sketch the birds whilst I was at Bundanon.

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Story Prompt 3 Winnie and Wink

This Prompt was not as easy as the other two. Not because I wasn’t inspired by all the wonderful and whacky prompts. No, it was a busy time. School holidays (say no more!),  Art Retreat at Bundanon (fabulous as always), seven stitches in my back, removing a suspect mole (was a bad one but all gone now), and life just got in the way of blogging and reading blogs. (That happens a lot lately.)

I want to thank Randall over at https://dalocollis.com for his crazy contribution in the comments. The kids loved his prompt. Please if you are not following Randall’s website you are missing out. His photography is a visual feast for the senses and he is also a unique wordsmith with interesting thoughts on life.

Thanks a bunch Randall you never know this story may become a picture book in time. Thank you to everyone who left a prompt. I hope you enjoy the story.

Winnie and Wink

writing prompt by Kath Unsworth

Whinnie to the Rescue

Winnie and Wink


Winnie and Wink

Winnie and Wink were the best of friends. They did everything together.

Their favourite game of all was hide and seek.

Winnie always found Wink. And Wink always claimed that the next time Winnie would never, EVER find her. But she always did.

“Why won’t you let me find you for a change?” asked Wink.

“Because you need more practice at hiding. And until you get better at it, your  Mum said you have to keep practicing. You don’t want the two-legged monsters to catch you and eat you, do you?”

“No I don’t, but it’s still not fair!”

“Well I’m the best at hiding and you need more practice.” Boasted Winnie.

The next day Wink set off to hide, again she shouted those familiar words.

“You will never, EVER find me!”

Whinny smiled to herself, she always found Wink. Yet by late afternoon Winnie was pacing up and down.

She had looked high, and low and in all Wink’s favourite hiding places, there was no sign of Wink, not even her scent in the air. Winnie refused to say the words I give up. That would mean her friend had finally won. Winnie did not like to lose.

Where could she be? She hoped Wink had not ventured into the land of the two-legged monsters to hide. No bunny was safe out there.

She heard a high-pitched squeal and wondered if it was Wink. Without thinking she scampered out of the woods into the clearing.

The two-legged monsters were stomping around in a garden. To Winnie’s horror they were collecting stunned bunnies.

Her heart stopped when she found a bunny that wore a pink ribbon just like Wink’s, only she was wrapped from head to toe in pink paper.

“What have they done to you Wink?” She knew this had to be some kind of black magic the two-legged monsters had used on her friend.

She had to think fast.

She lifted Wink over her shoulder and ran as fast as her hind legs could go. Back into the safety of the forest.

“Wink! Wink! Talk to me!“

It was no use Wink did not talk or move. Winnie felt bad for making Wink hide all the time.

“I promise Winky if we get out of this mess I will let you be the finder.” She sobbed. “I give up, you win!” She sobbed some more, wrapping her arms around her best friend’s cold stiff body.

“Who are you talking to Winnie?” Said a small voice from behind a bush.

“Wink! it’s you, I found you at last!”

“No you didn’t! I won, you gave up remember.” Wink said hugging her friend. “So tomorrow I get to find you.”

“Yes okay you won, you are the best at hiding, but what are we going to do about this poor bunny?”

Winnie and Wink went back home carrying the strange bunny. They hoped the elders might know a bunny spell to save it.

But that’s another story.

THE END or is it???

Let me know if you can imagine this as a picture book? And thanks for reading.

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PROMPT Me Punk 3



Easter Monday and I finally arrive at my blog. My mind on over drive from too much Lindt bunny chocolate. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We were lucky enough to spend it with family on the beach. Autumn is here but the days have been warm enough for a swim.

Looking at the amount of posts I have written for March, I must admit it’s slim pickings. My apologies. As I work on my illustrations for the picture book I am avoiding social media and the time traps that suck the good sketching light out of each day.

After all that chocolate I’m in the mood for some FUN. Happy to bring back Prompt Me Punk  3. It delights me to see the ideas the readers come up with. Eventually I imagine I will reshape these stories and create other picture books from them. http://kathunsworth.com/2015/03/08/i-cant-sleep-prompt-me-punk2-picture-book-draft/

Please contribute your idea  in a sentence or two, the sillier the better………

Choose two main characters.

One big problem.

Make sure you have names and if they are human or animal. Remember my children will be choosing the prompt that they would like to see me do.

REMEMBER real life can be stranger than fiction. Think about your pets or kids, or both and something crazy that may have really happened. For example today I found a tiny snail no bigger than my fingernail sitting on top of a cows head. It looked so small and vulnerable up there and so my husband put him back in the garden. My mind went crazy with picture book ideas.

I look forward to creating something special and thank you for inspiring me to challenge myself. I bid farewell to March and hope April is kind to us all.

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The Other Me


Abseiling with my my sister.

The Other Me.

My children don’t really know her. I had forgotten about her until the other week when we went on a family adventure. My daughter’s birthday, we decided to keep it simple with just the four of us. Willow wanted to do the tree climb at a local fun park. They all wore these cheeky grins when I agreed to come along, like they knew something I didn’t. They had after all experienced the tree climb once before.

The kids jumped around excited that I was keen to come along. Mum usually sat on the beach or the sidelines waving at them and reading a book. Not this time. They warned me it was no easy feat and a bit scary. Especially if the wind picked up. I can tell you I was a tad nervous yet I pretended everything was fine. But I had a secret. My kids had not met the other me, the adventurous one before marriage and babies.

On arrival we lathered ourselves in sunscreen and drank gallons of water in ready for a hot day. I listened carefully to the safety talk, our trusty guides joked with us as they strapped us into our gear. My boy took to the ladder first, like a monkey chasing the last banana at feeding time. Then Pete followed him, up higher and higher with little effort. Willow smiled at me. I know she was checking to see if my knees were knocking. They were but I tried to look calm. She waved, then set off up into the sky towards the first platform.

My turn. I will remind the readers I have not attempted anything this physical in a long while.  But I thought about my years as a backpacker, all the different challenges I set myself. One step after another and using my yoga breath I found myself at the tops of the canopy. I will admit the ladder climb is one of the most challenging parts of the course, just don’t look down. My heart was thumping wildly but I smiled and waved at the kids like I had climbed it one hundred times before.

Foggy memories. The other me abseiling down a mountain cliff, came flooding back. As I attached myself for the ride of my life, I reminded the older me I had experienced much worse. I heard the kids cheering me on as I flew across the park on the flying fox. “Go Mum!”

It felt amazing.

The other me would have been fearless on the ropes and steps of the course. The other me was much younger, blonde and in prime condition. Shaken at first, slowly I gained confidence being up so high. I was thankful for the many weeks of yoga. My upper body strength was not brilliant, but I managed. Climbing nets, stepping across swinging polls and walking on thin cables.

When you reach the end they warned me there is a drop down to a small mat, way down below. Instead of thinking about it, I thought about a sky dive, a tandem  jump I did in my thirties. No fear there.


I wondered why I had changed so much after children. How did I become this safe and boring person. You definitely change when you become a mother. Maybe a bit too serious at times, due to being the discipline police with little ones. Well I’m happy to say, now the children are almost both teens the other me has found her way back. In the last couple of months we have been active, embracing life. Bike riding, walking, using a paddle ski at the beach and now tree climbing. Where will we go next?

When I reached the platform I looked down at my tiny family below, waving up at me. I connected my link to the pulley and jumped, no hesitation. I knew the safety harness and the pulley would slow my decent for a soft landing. The drop was so much fun.

Pete commented at how I jumped off without a thought. I smiled and thanked the universe for all the amazing adventures the other me had experienced. It was cool to see my children look at me in a different light. My only regret is we did not get any photos. In the rush of adrenaline I said yes to doing it all again for my son’s birthday in July. Then I heard they are making a black course which will be even more challenging. Oh well I will have to ask the other me if she is available on that day.

When have you surprised your kids and shown them another side of you? I would love to hear about it.

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Now is the Hour

DSCN7962 (copy)

Friesian Beauty by Kath Unsworth

Now is the Hour.

Did you find yourself scratching your head and asking, what happened to January?

Not me, (for once) determined to live each day in the moment. I kept my promise to myself and stayed on target with my projects. Checking in with my virtual diary. It assisted in tracking the hours I could use for creativity.

January will go down as the month I finished my outline illustrations for the picture book. Finishing was its own reward. The hard work begins now rendering each image to the best of my abilities. No turning back.

I discovered I can break the practice of creating new habits down even further.

I listened to a Deepak Chopra free webinar Finding Sacred Momentum and having your best year ever. I know most free webinars end with a pitch to sell you something and this one did not disappoint a nine week online course called Synchro Destiny. The offer was way over my budget (sadly I would have loved to join).

I took away a couple of great tips from the free webinar though that have enlightened me on this quest to stretch my boundaries. 

A basic thought process and frightfully simple. But it worked to help me to stay focused.

In this free webinarDeepak Chopra talked about. No regrets, no resistance, no anticipation all we have is just this moment, thats all. I use that in a meditation too.

NOW, is all we have.

What are we going to do with this moment?

When I ask each day, I see a clear action on what I must do. Deepak believes we should always be open to messages that come and follow the line of connection. Being in the flow is important and not fighting against it is the key. He believes when choosing our rightful path we should think about this…..

I’ll make choices in the moment that are joyful for me and others. 

Wow! This one hit home for me, when I am creating art I am joyful.

“No regrets, no resistance, no anticipation just this moment is all there is.”

I think what he is trying to tell us is when we discover our joy in what we do, things flow better. I set aside some time to meditate in the mornings. At the end of this time I imagine my book or project already finished. What it actually will look like. I imagine holding the book in my hands, it’s a powerful imagery and practice. One day my mind created images of cows and I knew it was a day I had to paint one of Pete’s photo’s.

The painting flowed that day and I know the meditation helped to bring it to life.

Another example of living in the now. A few days ago I came down with the flu (yes a summer flu). Instead of stressing about the book, exercise, or reading of my favourite blogs etc. I accepted that my body wanted me to be still. I enjoyed the stillness, sleeping and doing nothing for a couple of days. So I hope you see that if you go with the natural ebb and flow of your daily life, good moments can come from it.

I do wish to apologise as lately I am unable to read all your blog posts. Just know I read as many as I can but sometimes I just can’t comment on all of them. I need to focus on my art in this moment.

Please tell me in the comments how you discovered you were on the right path. Or if you are still looking for a sign to start your dreams, remember you only have this moment. What are you going to do with it?

Another take away quote from the webinar I will leave with you. I hope the week flows with an abundance of creativity and joy.

“The best use of imagination is creativity the worst use of imagination is fear.“

” Deepak Chopra “

DSCN7960 (copy)

Friesian Beauty by Kath Unsworth

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Day by Day

DSCN7945 (copy)

Cheeky Lorikeet By Kath Unsworth

I step outside. The deck feels oddly cold under my bare feet. Strange for a summers morn. The clouds look threatening. It has rained heavy for many days and it seems the storm has unfinished business in this corner of the universe.

Six Lorikeets perched high in a nearby tree. The racket intensifies as the sun pierces through thick cloud. The birds, grass and trees so vibrant under a ray of golden light. I soak up the rich colours of the Lorikeets and the natural beauty of where I live. I am thankful for the air I breathe.

That may sound cheesy to some but I am now practicing gratitude every morning. I close my eyes and listen to nature. The sun warms my face and I am ready to start my day.

Following on from my last post I am choosing yoga in the mornings. I am trying to introduce small healthy habits day by day. My morning instructor reminds me: if I use meditation and yoga often enough, my insomnia and fatigue will disappear. I wonder what she is doing now, I have had the DVD for at least ten years. I bet she is still practicing. Once a week I also attend a local class for over fifties. That in itself makes me cringe (I’m heading for the senior citizen zone). But when I first arrived, it was surprising, most of the class were older than me. Though amazingly strong and obviously yoga an ever-present practice in their daily lives. I could feel the uplifting vibes in the room. (not joking).

Creating new habits is not easy. Meditation is difficult for someone with a creative brain that never shuts down. It is difficult to squash all the stories and ideas bubbling to the surface. You wouldn’t want to go in there, my father said I talked in a babble or backwards even when asleep. A product of an overactive mind he use to say.

My husband, I know I mentioned him last week but he is my cheer leading squad. Encouraging me every day with my health and picture book dreams.

Since starting karate with the kids he has transformed his mind and body to accept a new healthy routine and resists eating fast food or too much sugar. I’m not as strong and won’t deny myself those treats every now and again. We know our children can see the benefits of having healthier, more active parents.

For all you readers with resolutions, goals or big plans for 2016. Jeff Goins wrote a post that resonated with me.


It reminded me if I stick to a routine every day I will create new habits. Which in-turn will help me on the days my passion wavers. By starting with exercise and following with working on my picture book almost every day I can see small changes happening.

One sentence I printed out and pinned to my art board.

“When the passion goes away, it’s the practice that sustains us.”

From the post by Jeff Goins link above.

I want to practice good health first.

I look back over my virtual daily diary and I can see the days I started with a walk or yoga were more productive.

I have almost finished my outlines for Sugar and Spice. Only seven outlines to go and then the real fun begins in rendering them. But I’ll have the back bone of the story completed. Never have I gotten this far before.

I realise It’s not going to be easy when school starts back we all get caught up in life’s craziness don’t we. But by creating new habits and practicing every day we can get there.

I hope I have inspired you to think about your life goals. Share with me something you have added to your daily routine or something you want to change? Lets make January our starting point to a healthier and more productive year.

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2016 Our Time to Shine

DSCN7939 (copy)

Art by Kath Unsworth


I started my first day of 2016 with a yoga session and finished it with an adventure. A memorable trail ride through the bush on horseback with the kids, my two sisters and niece. We laugh now about our crazy stubborn horses. They enjoyed dragging us through the thick scrub for two hours. We have the scars to prove it (more like a couple of scratches). But we did it and I am so proud of my two children who have never been on a long horse ride before this.

January is the month that slips through my fingers all too quickly. I am aware of it now and want to work on my main project as much as I can. But life throws us challenges in the midst of parenting.

The wonderful weather beckons us to the beaches and outdoor activities. The children are on holidays until the end of this month. Its almost impossible to find the time for what I want to do. Being creative and consistent is the key. I admit, children (tweens) wanting something to do every second of the day becomes my challenge. How about you? Do you feel January goes by without a thought? Or are you one of the lucky ones who gets to work from day dot.

I’m not going to feed you my long list of new years resolutions, or one word to live by. I have too many for this year and feel I will carry out all my goals if I truly live a well-balanced life.

It begins with my health. I cannot be at my best as a mother, wife and artist if Im unfit. At the end of last year I added yoga and weight training to my fitness menu. The odd bike ride with the kids and my morning walks weren’t enough. Trying to avoid sugar is not hard for a savoury queen (chips, twisties, yum) like me. My weakest link is a mouth watering (flaky pastry) meat pie or a gourmet Pizza. (Tandoori chicken my fave).

By limiting these foods and keeping to an exercise plan, my mind feels clearer already. I won’t lie, the body is reluctant to let go of old habits. My husband inspires me (go Pete). He has trained now for about six months. I can see the visible changes in his body and general well-being.

I am older than he and so we joke about how it will take my body longer to learn and crave these new habits. Some days my mind is eager but the body says no, and visa versa. It’s funny how we humans know whats good for us but we fight it daily.

Its time to shine in 2016 because I want to live in the moments, evolve and grow. Grow in mind, body and spirit. My hope is, if I live this so-called, well-balanced life, It will allow me, to thrive in all areas of my life.

THE PLAN (not a resolution)

I’m going to finish my picture book, it has taken me two and half years to get to this point. It will never be perfect and to learn, I must set it free. I enrolled in a webinar on how to make 2016 my year to finish a picture book (Readers Digest webinar). 12 goals to help make it happen and have my book ready for an agent/publisher. I will also receive a critique of my manuscript as part of the package by an agent/editor. It is the main reason I signed up. Once I have my feed back and make all the changes I will also take it through another critique with Readers digest. One final professional critique, one I will pay for, something I have not done yet. I need to stop worrying about the illustrations FINISH them and trust in my journey.

I say to you, I hope 2016 is a year for LOVE, PEACE and JOY. I look forward in reading about your lives, hopes, dreams and achievements. Thank you for entertaining me for the last three years and here’s to another year full of adventure’s.

Share a goal for 2016 with me, we can keep each other accountable.

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Making Spirits Bright

Our Xmas Tree made of sticks

Our Xmas Tree made of sticks

We are on the count down to christmas. My patience, tested. The bank balance, diminished. I’m ready to disappear into the scrub, with the birds before all the frivolity and festivities begin.

BUT instead I’m going to remind myself to keep it simple. Live in each moment and think about those people who are doing it tough this time of year.

There will be many sitting at their table on christmas day, longing to spend it with those who are gone. I feel your loss. I have family and friends I miss dearly at christmas. I only hope you can raise your glass in memory of those you love and remember the good times.

Making ends meet, can be a challenge. My parents, with all those children. I often wondered how they managed to give us all a special gift, even when funds were tight. Mum used her sewing talents and Dad repaired bikes or second-hand toys he found on auction nights. (No such thing as eBay back then but dad would have enjoyed finding a bargain in there).

We never compared our gifts to our friends, homemade gifts were special. But our family (thanks to our parents) is never about the cost of the gift and all about the coming together.


If you find yourself with illness I pray you are able to spend time with the ones you love.

If you have a loved one in hospital I hope you can still be together on christmas day.

If you are alone on christmas day, I wish you comfort through maybe a friend or your community.

My family is large, I have always had a choice, but I feel woeful if I hear about someone spending christmas alone.


This year I wanted to do more creative projects. My daughter enjoys this challenge too. The boys? Not so much, it might be a girlie thing?

We made our christmas tree (above) from sticks collected on my morning walks.

Willow created origami flowers for her teachers at school. She is making more for her grandparents, because everyone loved them.

Willow's origami flowers

Willow’s origami flowers

We are also giving art. There are so many wonderful handmade gift ideas out there on pinterest and google search. For years I would search for the perfect teacher gifts. This year I had the biggest response from the flowers. Willow also gave her artwork mounted as her farewell presents to her primary school teachers. They loved them. It just goes to show, people appreciate when you put a little thought and effort into it.

Art by Willow for her teacher

Art by Willow for her teacher

With the grown ups this year on christmas day we are to spend only twenty dollars on our gift. On one present only. The aim is to find a re-cycled or antique shop, gifting something old but useful. I found the most beautiful book ends with ornate carvings on the sides, a gift I would love for myself. We throw all the presents in the middle and everyone picks one. Such fun to see what people come up with.

We designed our own cards and I can’t tell you how much my friends and family enjoy a card with our art on it.


Family art card by Kath


Xmas Art card by Willow

So maybe this christmas, make spirits brighter with a little thought, and a handmade gift, it goes a long way. Or maybe just visit that neighbour who lives alone and take them some paper flowers.

Wishing you a wonderful fun-filled christmas. Thanks for supporting my words and art throughout 2015.

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Good Morning Maggie

mags copy (copy)


I opened my eyes to hear the Magpie’s glorious morning song.

It fills my heart with joy, reminding me I am here, in this day, where anything is possible. Surrounded by nature I feel blessed.

“Good morning Maggie.” says a soft sleepy voice from my daughter’s room. I smile to myself. Mr Magpie is waiting there, near Willow’s window. They usually talk to each other for about five minutes. I often wonder what they chat about.

Every morning for the past two weeks he has visited her without fail. At 6am, maybe a minute or two early or late he is there. She calls to him and thanks him for being her alarm clock. I sneak up the hallway to see him. He stands on the back of the deck chair in front of her window preening himself and yodeling away. He makes an almighty racket at such a tender hour. But we love him.

DSCN6017 (copy) Willow will be watching a movie and she won’t even know that her friend is at the window. He sits there behind her watching too. I wonder if he is looking at his own reflection. Willow thinks he is in love with himself.

I have tried to  film him singing, but he is too quick and sharp for me. And so I just appreciate his quirky personality, feed him crumbs sometimes. Although we are thinking of buying some bird seed, yet we don’t want him to become reliant on us for food.

I adore magpies. Most people don’t appreciate or notice them. I find the black and white a striking contrast against the back drop of green grass and blue mountains. When the babies squeak for food (so cute) I tell their parents what a wonderful job they are doing. I have always talked to the Magpies. My mum believes if you talk to them and get to know them they won’t swoop you at nesting time (has worked so far). I’m wondering if Willow’s magpie is a little lonely? Now that his mum and dad have new babies to look after. How curious life can be.

These minuscule moments we must cherish. When I think about the uncertainties in life, the unpredictability we all experience. I tell myself to stop and look at the things around me. Appreciate what I have and where I live. My life is far from perfect but I am thankful for this day and the next and the next.

I know my daughter will carry her Magpie moments with her into adulthood. She has a special connection to nature with her art. She notices the little things like her brother does too. I know if she ever writes her books, filled with childhood memories maybe Mr Magpie will become famous.

Magpie and Baby by Willow

Magpie and Baby by Willow

Next week we are going on a road trip to Sydney to see Taylor Swift for the second time. Spending precious time with my sisters and family. I will be offline most of the time and am looking forward to unplugging from social media for a little while.

I hope you notice something curious and wonderful in your day or meet a friendly magpie.

magreed (copy)

Reed met a friendly Magpie on the beach. Photo by Pete Unsworth

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A Very BIG Adventure

Art by Kath

Art by Kath

Spock’s Very BIG Adventure.

Sometimes life truly can be stranger than fiction.

I received a call from the Grandparents (my husbands parents). Nothing unusual they often call me when they arrive safe home after a stay on the farm. I could tell by Nan’s voice that something wasn’t  right. We all know that voice, the one that delivers bad news.

After a six hour drive to Sydney anyone would sound tired but there was something else. I waited for the bomb to drop.

“We found one of your cats under the bonnet of the car.”

“What?” I said, my throat felt dry, my mind clicked into gear, as I waited for her to tell me which cat had died.

“Its okay, its a bit scared, but okay.”

Turns out it was our baby girl Spock. The cat presumed to be a boy at first until the vets informed us he, was a she. The name stuck.

The funny thing is the grandparents joked about checking the car for cats. Apple jumped in the back of the car when they were packing. We make sure its a cat free zone under the car when visitors leave. They are such curious creatures. Nan and Pop stopped at a local service station they thought they heard a squeak in their door. Pulling everything out of the car just in case it was a cat, they did not think to look under the hood.

The chance of survival sitting on a hot battery all that way to Sydney is slim. The grandparents had several stops for food and coffee’s. Poor kitty I can only imagine the fear and exhaustion she went through. When Pop finally lifted the bonnet, he found a scared and overheated little kitty.

Spock is our little adventurer  but this adventure will go down as her biggest.

Caught playing with a baby snake, not once but twice. We thought her time was up, red belly black snakes are just as venomous when they are babies. I found her sleeping in the washing machine once, almost put her on the rinse and spin cycle. She has a love affair with the cows, which leaves me nervous, praying she does not get stomped on.

Yet out of all our cats she is the smartest (opens sliding door) comes and goes as she pleases. Wish I could teach her to close the door when she leaves. Uses the kitty litter box and never makes a mess. Comes to me when she hears the word treat. Sits on my artwork when I am busy. Yes she is special.

I hadn’t  noticed that day, my little buddy Spock was missing. Usually when I have an art day she likes to sit and watch. Imagine my surprise, receiving the news that she was in Sydney. Poor baby, none of us slept well thinking about her that night. She could not stay long at the brother-in-laws as his partner is allergic to cats.

So the very next day we drove to meet the grandparents. The kids extra excited getting a mental health day off school (happy kids). By the time we met Nan and Pop, Spock had busted out of her box. Nan had to sit in the back of the car to calm her, she used their esky to hold her in and keep her quiet.

When I lifted her into my arms, the kids surrounded me and smothered her in kisses. I think she knew who we were. We placed her in our sturdy cat box for the long four hour journey back home. The kids fed her treats through the holes and talked to her all the way.

Spock is sitting by my side on this early morning as I type away. She is a special  kitty and we love her so.

Thank you Nan and Pop for meeting us and taking care of her that night. Apparently, the next morning they could not find her in the garage. When they heard her faint meow they found her curled up under the hood of a different car. Maybe she thought she could get a lift back home this way….who knows how cats think. All I know is they bless our lives with companionship and their own special kind of  love.

The children had a great story to tell at school the next day and we had our little friend back alive and well. I love a happy ending how about you?

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