Art work

Pen and Ink Illustrations

Coloursoft Derwent Pencils

Acrylics on canvas

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49 Responses to Art work

  1. Judy Watson says:

    I love that scratchy bird. What’s the medium?

  2. Hi Judy thanks, I love just sketching with an art line pen, starting to experiment now mixing colour pencils in my work as black pen can get a tad boring after awhile thanks for stopping by.

    • barbrowe says:

      I appreciated your coming to my blog site. I use to be a Professional Artist, but stopped some years ago because of a trmatic event. I was gaining a reputation in North Carolina stat, as well as being recognized by a prestigous art gallery in New York. I found I would not allow myself to paint anymore. I suppose it was some kind of self-punishment. I love what you are doing with your art and your goal in life. I admire that. I should wish to speak to you concerning freela

  3. G. Olivo says:

    Amazing artwork. You should do more!

  4. barbrowe says:

    Thank you so much for your viewing my work art & writing. I do have more art to post on my main webpage, but I,m having someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to web sites. again and again you have showered me with good comments. I do certainly appreciate them all. God Bless you, Barb

    • Barb you are a beautiful heart felt writer your words resonate with me you have such a writing talent and combined with your art, nothing will stop you thanks for stopping by

  5. Amazin’ artwork! Love it so much! 🙂

  6. White Pearl says:

    This is all amazingly Wonderful !! I am impressed 🙂 xx

  7. Mary says:

    Love your artwork!!!!

  8. These are beautiful and peaceful!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  9. Judy says:

    You are a wonder illustrator. I like the scratchy black ink ones with color. You could definitely write and illustrate you own book.

    • Judy thank you I am working on several, hopefully I will have one finished by the end of this year and they just keep coming out of my crazy head. Thanks for stopping and taking a look.

  10. barbrowe says:

    Kath, Have you ever thought of doing illustrations for a children’s book? I have 2 I need an illustrator for. Just an idea. Love ya and keep up the awesome work. God Bless, Barb

  11. Dilip says:

    Brilliant artwork!

  12. roweeee says:

    I could just dive into your artworks like a swimming pool. They are so captivating and you capture the finest of detail, giving your works an authenticity…like the look on the Rainbow Lorikeet’s face. I am a frustrated artist with a passion for photography but I have such a strong attraction to the visual. All the best with all your creative adventures xx Rowena

  13. Aquileana says:

    Absolutely beautiful, dear Kath!,… All my best wishes. Aquileana ⭐

  14. Jill Kuhn says:

    WOWZA! You are very talented!!! 😊 Love your cats, birds, cows and well, EVERTHING you create! 💚🎨💜

  15. Judy says:

    Hi Kath, I just wanted to let you know that I bought your color version of the ostrich off of your Etsy site. Considering it came from Australia to South Florida it arrived much faster than I expected. The mail brought the picture just before I left for cataract surgery. So I loved it before and even more afterwards with sharper sight with better color perception. My husband is going, what you bought an ostrich picture!! And I am going, but LOOK at those eyes and those lashes!! How do you even draw eyeshine, catch lights, with pen and pencil on paper!! Amazing!! I love having artist friends!! So wanted to let you know…sight is a little wavery on the side but surgery was only yesterday….keeping computer time limited…..wanted to let you know tho!! I love your work!! Thanks for the note cards you tucked into the package too!!

    • Oh Judy that was a lovely comment to read first thing on my Friday morning. So happy my bird found a lovely home. And I know how much you love birds by your amazing photography. Thank you so much, I wish I had known it was you when I sent the package. I did not realise. Hope you are feeling stronger and healing well.

      • Judy says:

        My pleasure you know, I guess maybe I wanted the surprise factor!! Your work is lovely, you are a wonderful artist!!

        • Judy you bless me with these comments today and I appreciate it very much. I did get a wonderful surprise. Im reading a book by Elizabeth Gilbert called Big Magic. Living the creative life, the one you were meant to be living. I think I am getting there. And I know you are living your creative life through your amazing photography.

  16. Kath, I was hoping you might be willing to send me an email address for you. I have finally completed my book and am in the process of securing a book cover design. My artwork is not quite where it needs to be for the quality needed for this project. Your beautiful and heartfelt artwork and images have always been in the back of my mind as perfect for this.I have a synopsis and a mock up cover I have created to help illustrate the idea that I can send. I would love to hire you or at least have you consider. I am working with a company, but feel they are missing the depth. Would you please let me know if we could discuss this further at your earliest convenience?

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