My name is Kath Unsworthmanny2

(Some days I look like this)

And some days I look like this!img_1759


I can say that because I am sitting on the top of the age hill about to ascend down the other side.

I live in a rural setting, yes that means when you look out my kitchen window you see cows. The far south coast of Australia is my home. I live with my patient husband and two creative children. They keep me in the kid zone.

We are owned by three working dogs, who are out numbered by four lazy and rude cats. We don’t talk about our five despicable chickens. But being surrounded by dairy cattle has its perks, they have better manners as neighbours sometimes. The closest town is famous for its CHEESE. I love Cheese.

THE DREAM: To create, illustrate and write happy, quirky and memorable stories for children. To find an agent/publisher who can see my potential as a writer and illustrator as I grow and learn. Having said that I am raising the funds to print my first picture book so I may go down the self-published road after all.

INSPIRATION: I take my inspiration from the world around me I try to think outside the square and never forget what it was like to be a child. My two almost teens help me to stay focused on what is humorous to children.

GIFTS: Able to see the silly side to life and capture the moments by writing them into my stories. With a background in graphic design, art is my life.


Favourite picture book right now Pirhanas Don’t eat Banana’s

Other trivial Bits about ME

 AGE: A very well seasoned duck. Remember Im slightly over the hill.

BIRTHDAY: Some time in october.

EXACT LOCATION: Near Mumbulla Mountain (google that…. just for fun)

FAVOURITE SNACK: Twisties or anything salty, trying to curb those bad habits.

FAVOURITE MEDIUM: Soft Derwent pencils, illustrator Pin pens and Posca paint pens.

SECRETS: Im a bird nerd. I love to watch birds and sketch them, especially Raven’s.

PREVIOUS OCCUPATION: Graphic Designer, my dreams as a child of opening a lolly shop never quite happened.

CURRENT DUTIES: Super mum to two super kiddies, artist for local art/ craft gallery, student of life and on the path to creating my first picture book. (three years and counting, hoping 2017 I will finish). But I will never be finished as many other stories are popping into my very occupied brain.

I hope you enjoy my writing space. Please feel free to subscribe and join my email list (top right hand corner on side bar). I  update you personally on the journey, the challenges I face in my monthly newsletters. I will respect your privacy and I never share emails from my private list. We can connect and encourage each other.

I hope I can inspire you to DREAM BIG.dscn8762

163 Responses to About

  1. Your site is great. You are so loving by your words. I also love your country. Thank you for your visits to my site. May your light continue to shine. My love to your family.

  2. roweeee says:

    Hi Kate,
    I was so touched by reading your blog and as I said before, fell in love with your illustrations especially the little birds and I wanted to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Awards. You might already know some of the other nominees but I think you’ll appreciate these blogs.

    Best wishes,

    • Thank you I am honoured but do not accept awards anymore, I left a message on your site and will check out others you have recommended. You can never follow too many inspiring people I say. Thanks Rowena and congratulations on your nomination.

  3. Kelly Grace says:

    I love your Dream! Children need worthy books that will inspire, inform, and entertain them about the wonderful world and creatures all around us. It’s time we had a new Beatrix Potter and you may be her 😉
    I came to you via Wendy Macdonald’s beautiful blog where you had commented on her poem about 50 Shades.

    • Hi Kelly so nice to meet you and thank you for such a wonderful comment. I watched Beatrix Potter’s movie only last year and fell in love with that movie and her passion to draw and tell a story. A woman way beyond her time. Wendy is also an amazing, inspiring soul. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Kath, your precious little e-book is priceless. I hope everybody takes advantage of it. My eyes tear up at the inspiration for it, but am truly impressed by the beauty that arose from the pain.

  5. Sara says:

    Hi there! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award because 1) you’re very inspiring and 2) I’m paying forward an award that has been bestowed unto me. If you’d like to pass on the award please feel free, but I give it to you expecting nothing on your part. Put it on your sidebar if you’d like, and shine on. You’ve inspired me.

  6. So delighted to find you. I love the idea of ‘minuscule moments’ and believe in finding gratitude in the littlest things this amazing life has to offer. Your bluebird is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, Kath!

  7. Dina says:

    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words, Kath, it’s highly appreciated! 🙂
    Now I look forward to see more of your blog. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Warm greetings from the North,
    Dina & co Xx

  8. marysue128 says:

    It’s great being back and reading back your beautiful motivational messages.
    “Believe in the magic of life” Thanks for reminding me that. Hope you’re having a nice day. x

  9. Hi there,
    Ok, so, I’m going to ask a favor that makes me nervous, and I’m not sure you’ll agree to it, but I’m going to take a risk to ask… I am taking part in Blogging U 201, and today it’s all about auditing our brand. They suggest we ask someone who frequents our blog to “audit,” review, check it out and see if/what can be improved. So, I thought I might ask you… Would you, please? (And please, be honest, but kind. I’m timidly and determinedly growing and working in improvements. 😉 )

  10. Behind the Story says:

    I found you through Jill Weatherholt. You have a beautiful philosophy of life and an excellent “dream.” Dark chocolate is the best! I’ve been to Sydney, but never to the far south. We lived in Vanuatu for three years in the 1990s, so I wasn’t too far away from Australia. Now I live in the USA near Seattle. Best of luck on your dream.

  11. Jill Kuhn says:

    Hi Kath! I finally had a few minutes to look at your blog and I LOVE it! So nice to meet you! I too would like to write children’s books some day! I enjoy your art and creative way of looking outside the box like me! 💜🎨😊

  12. Pingback: Champions Awards of 2015 | tea & paper

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kath, I have nominated you for an award, please check here:

  14. LOVE your blue bird of happiness x

  15. Nice to meet you – love your illustrations and your sassy description of yourself. 🙂

  16. MAGNY TJELTA says:

    What a beautiful blue bird.It made me happy too.I´m glad to have come across your site you as your work is fun and inspiring. I an now a follower.

  17. Hi Kath – nice to find your blog (through Jennifer’s Journal). I am looking forward to your posts – I love your Bluebird of Happiness drawing/sketch – I don’t have the right vocabulary to talk about art – but I like how it’s both soft and detailed. And that bird looks like a deep thinker!

    • Nice to meet you and thanks for the lovely comment he is a favourite piece of art of mine and he went to a special friend. I think you nailed the description and thanks for stopping by.

  18. roz.bannon@gmail.com says:

    Hi Kath I have been sharing your beautiful drawings with a couple of friends. Lovely to see you are still creating.
    I remember you telling me you went to Bundanon on an art residency. My art group is keen to go to a residency there. Can you tell me how you applied?
    Roz Bannon
    Ps give my best wishes to your lovely children

    • Hi Roz
      I am lucky enough to be invited every year by my sisters group of TAFE teachers, they have been going for about 14 years now. You could ring The Bundanon Education Centre we usually need about 24 people to fill the rooms to make the workshops,catering,and accommodation affordable. But give them a call maybe they have different packages? Im not sure, we have one lady that organises ours every year. Maybe call them and ask about art workshops etc https://bundanon.com.au/visit/venue-hire/ The teachers they have are wonderful and the package we get includes all art supplies too. Let me know how you get on Roz. Love seeing all your beautiful art too.

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