A Very BIG Adventure

Art by Kath

Art by Kath

Spock’s Very BIG Adventure.

Sometimes life truly can be stranger than fiction.

I received a call from the Grandparents (my husbands parents). Nothing unusual they often call me when they arrive safe home after a stay on the farm. I could tell by Nan’s voice that something wasn’t  right. We all know that voice, the one that delivers bad news.

After a six hour drive to Sydney anyone would sound tired but there was something else. I waited for the bomb to drop.

“We found one of your cats under the bonnet of the car.”

“What?” I said, my throat felt dry, my mind clicked into gear, as I waited for her to tell me which cat had died.

“Its okay, its a bit scared, but okay.”

Turns out it was our baby girl Spock. The cat presumed to be a boy at first until the vets informed us he, was a she. The name stuck.

The funny thing is the grandparents joked about checking the car for cats. Apple jumped in the back of the car when they were packing. We make sure its a cat free zone under the car when visitors leave. They are such curious creatures. Nan and Pop stopped at a local service station they thought they heard a squeak in their door. Pulling everything out of the car just in case it was a cat, they did not think to look under the hood.

The chance of survival sitting on a hot battery all that way to Sydney is slim. The grandparents had several stops for food and coffee’s. Poor kitty I can only imagine the fear and exhaustion she went through. When Pop finally lifted the bonnet, he found a scared and overheated little kitty.

Spock is our little adventurer  but this adventure will go down as her biggest.

Caught playing with a baby snake, not once but twice. We thought her time was up, red belly black snakes are just as venomous when they are babies. I found her sleeping in the washing machine once, almost put her on the rinse and spin cycle. She has a love affair with the cows, which leaves me nervous, praying she does not get stomped on.

Yet out of all our cats she is the smartest (opens sliding door) comes and goes as she pleases. Wish I could teach her to close the door when she leaves. Uses the kitty litter box and never makes a mess. Comes to me when she hears the word treat. Sits on my artwork when I am busy. Yes she is special.

I hadn’t  noticed that day, my little buddy Spock was missing. Usually when I have an art day she likes to sit and watch. Imagine my surprise, receiving the news that she was in Sydney. Poor baby, none of us slept well thinking about her that night. She could not stay long at the brother-in-laws as his partner is allergic to cats.

So the very next day we drove to meet the grandparents. The kids extra excited getting a mental health day off school (happy kids). By the time we met Nan and Pop, Spock had busted out of her box. Nan had to sit in the back of the car to calm her, she used their esky to hold her in and keep her quiet.

When I lifted her into my arms, the kids surrounded me and smothered her in kisses. I think she knew who we were. We placed her in our sturdy cat box for the long four hour journey back home. The kids fed her treats through the holes and talked to her all the way.

Spock is sitting by my side on this early morning as I type away. She is a special  kitty and we love her so.

Thank you Nan and Pop for meeting us and taking care of her that night. Apparently, the next morning they could not find her in the garage. When they heard her faint meow they found her curled up under the hood of a different car. Maybe she thought she could get a lift back home this way….who knows how cats think. All I know is they bless our lives with companionship and their own special kind of  love.

The children had a great story to tell at school the next day and we had our little friend back alive and well. I love a happy ending how about you?

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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111 Responses to A Very BIG Adventure

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kath, glad to know Spock is doing OK. It’s so dangerous, they like to be cozy inside the motor, and on the tires, poor ones, they don’t know what can happen.

  2. tomrains says:

    WOW that is one hardy cat! I’m glad you made it out okay, Mr. Spock 🙂

  3. Sheila says:

    That’s such an amazing story. I hope you’ll be writing a book showing all of Spock’s adventures. I love the photos of her in the washing machine and making friends with the cows. Spock is a great name for a cat too – I never thought of it before but Spock does look like a cat – must be the ears.

  4. misifusa says:

    Kath, love your art…love the story of Spock…love the photos (and the giggles that they gave me)…grateful that all turned out well for Spock and for all of you. Big hugs. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story with us. xo

  5. Desi Clown says:

    My goodness, even I was expecting the worst when you were talking about the phonecall, and ‘that voice’… glad Spock’s ok, although she’s not had her fill of car hoods :p.. I have no experience with cats, but I’m sure this one’s extra adventurous, wonder if the theme of Indiana Jones keeps playing in her mind. Thanks for the nice adventure

  6. Léa says:

    Spock is a beauty and a real survivor. It was a treat to read of her journey which fortunately had a happy ending. I’ve missed your posts and am still clawing my way back (Computer hell). Bisous, Léa

    VIVA LA FRANCE et nous ne nous rendrons pas! (We will not surrender!)

  7. Léa says:

    BTW, if Spock ever wants to roam further, she is always welcome here. 😉

  8. Ok, you may remember I’m not into pets but goodness, I’m glad she toughed it out! And washer/spin, eh? LOL. Does she even realize she’s living on the edge? That is some drawing, K, You nailed CAT.

  9. G. Olivo says:

    Ha! What a cool cat!

  10. annepeterson says:

    Wow, what a story, Kath. I’m so glad Spock is okay. She sure is adventurous.

  11. becca givens says:

    An ADVENTURE indeed! Glad to know she is safe! Your painting reminds me so much of my “heart child” Whisper … who is no longer with me! Thank you for sharing her story, and more than one smile this morning!

    Have a fantabulous week!

  12. Dalo 2013 says:

    A good story because of the adventure Spock had ~ amazing to know she lasted all the way on the drive. We have had similar stories with our cat when we were young, but always found her before driving away 🙂 This is a nice ode to the adventures of Spock, and along with the great painting ~ how can one not like the look of Spock in the washing machine…

  13. reocochran says:

    Your cat was so special! I love Spock! Glad you had a chance to get her back, so glad she didn’t die or burn under the “bonnet” or “hood,” Kath.
    Spock has a cute face. 🙂

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