A Moment Shared


Photography by Pete Unsworth

There are times in my life when I am awestruck by the beauty in this life.

My husband showed me his photo. A dragonfly, kissed by the morning dew. I’m transfixed by it. He captured it on his iphone because he had no camera at the time. He said when the sun came out the dragonfly flapped its wings and flew away, but for one moment, time seemed frozen.

I love this guy even more (if that’s possible) when he shares little moments in his day like these. He understands me so completely. He understands that I would think this a spectacular event. I feel blessed that he appreciates those minuscule moments just as much. I never dreamt after almost 15 years together that we would be inspiring each other in so many ways.

But we do.

I would not dare, try to draw this image. It is complete in every way. That’s what I say to him, it is a stunning moment and one I can look at for hours. Photography is a passion of mine. I’m an amateur, but I do know what I love.

Two photographers sites come to mind if you are not following them and you enjoy looking at amazing images then I suggest you check these out.


Randall has a keen eye for nature and his images take you to far away places. He truly has a special gift, not only with photography but his philosophies on life as well.

Judy astounds me with her images of birds. The attention to detail is captivating. All her images (not just birds) have that certain magic about them.


Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy Easter break, I hope you notice those special moments, something wonderful in your day that may be right under your very nose.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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87 Responses to A Moment Shared

  1. This captured moment is truly perfection revealed. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Happy Easter.

  2. Beautiful! I’ve loved dragonflies since I was a kid.

  3. Kath, what a lovely moment in time you have shared with us. And it’s so wonderful that you and your husband share this love of nature and photography/art together.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  4. Sara says:

    Beautiful – my compliments to your husband for capturing the moment. I can hardly wait to see dragonflies and green grass again. Soon! Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  5. What a lovely photo…and with an Iphone! I have a friend who loves dragonflies so I am going to share it with her!

  6. Even more beautiful than your tribute to the frosty-winged dragonfly is your tribute to marriage and the little things that are worthy of focus and celebration. Thanks, Kath. Yea, Marriage!

  7. Desi Clown says:

    I’m equally impressed by the picture, and also how you give little nuggets of wisdom for maintaining relationships. The world needs more such advice. And I’m still awestruck that this was captured on an iphone! Your husband’s got some talent!

    • Hey Desi its the little things that matter most. My husband from the very first day I met him showed me how you can find beauty anywhere, he would single out the tiniest flower growing among the weeds, tell me its name and say how extraordinary it was that it was there. I was hooked after that.

  8. Wow, that truly is a spectacular shot! You guys are just the cutest. I love the connection you both share with the minuscule moments. 🙂

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Dragonfly means transformation, I love when you come close to me, it reminds I need to change something in my life. Glad I saw your comment on Becca’s blog, so I could find your blog. 🙂

    • Thanks Elizabeth, something always evolving and changing in my life and I feel I am at the edge of something wonderful. Its full steam ahead with my second act in life. Doing what I love for a living. I hope to shake the dew off my wings and set sail soon. Thank you for stopping by, nice to meet you.

  10. Sheila says:

    That’s an amazing photo with so many glowing details. Dragonflies are supposed to be good luck too so I think you’ve captured some good luck there. 🙂

    • Sheila Im looking out the window on this beautiful Autumn day as I read your comment and the cows are grazing up the hill. The birds sing to me and I feel very lucky. My husband said he loves this time of year because of the dew and what it creates, its his favourite time to take photos. Have a great day.

      • Sheila says:

        It’s easy to picture you enjoying those autumn breezes and the dewdrops. The birds have just started singing here again and I’ve been listening to their songs too. I forgot to thank you for pointing out those blogs. I visited and followed and I love them both – thank you for letting us know about them!

  11. Aquileana says:

    That dragonfly, is amazing … So little and fragile and yet so perfect!… Sigh
    I think that your husband did a great job by capturing its magic…
    And I love Dalo’s blog… I am checking out the other photographer as well! Thank for sharing dear Kath… All my best wishes. Aquileana 😀

  12. Sherri says:

    Oh Kath, what an absolutely exquisitly beautiful photograph your husband took, and I had a little tear in my eye reading your lovely post about the way you both inspire one another and how he ‘gets you’. I didn’t know what that was like until I met my husband (married 9 years!) and so I ‘get’ what you mean now too! We are reminded of how wonderful life really is in these kind of moments, and when captured so perfectly on film such as this, we are filled with the joy of that reminder every time we look at that capture. Have a wonderful weekend 😀

    • Sherri thanks its wonderful to live with that special someone who allows us also to follow those crazy dreams. I told my husband about how I am now thinking of self publishing the picture book and he said take the money out of our savings. Bless him he works so hard to earn his keep. I said honey it costs about 3000 dollars for the first print. He said so, just do it and live the dream. I told him I will finance it by my art but felt very special that he believes in me enough to risk spending our savings on a dream.

  13. Just beautiful. The dragonfly, why your husband snapped it, your relationship, your awe.


  14. roweeee says:

    Hi Kath,
    What a wonderful husband! Absolutely love the photo. It’s so touchingly beautiful!! I was down at Palm Beach the other day and met a photographer with the biggest lens I’ve ever seen and in a sense I had serious lens envy. He was so generous because he offered to put his lens onto my camera to get some photos of Amelia. She was being rather uncooperative and whingy all afternoon but she followed his lead. Yay! As much as I loved the lens, it was incredibly heavy and I couldn’t hold it up by myself. Certainly not something you can easily use to capture the moment but I was sure thrilled to have a go.
    Hope the school holidays are going well
    xx Rowena

    • Sounded like a generous man to do that, those lens’s cost a fortune and I would be nervous with all that sand around to share a lens. But I cannot afford those ones. Will probably make a card out of this image.

      • roweeee says:

        I can’t afford them either. Our zoom lens broke and we haven’t been able to replace it yet. If I haven’t spent so much at the op shop during the holidays, I could say that I was saving up for the new one but instead I’m spending up. The op shops on the Northern Beaches are amazing. I find too many treasures and stock up on clothes for the kids etc. I’ve even been able to get brand new Gap for the kids. I even just love going through all the fabrics…so visually appealing!!

        • Op shops in Sydney in the wealthier suburbs if I may be so bold, would be amazing. My friend finds treasures all the time. Where we are not so much, but I still love looking at old furniture as my hubs loves bringing pieces back to their natural beauty. We both love going to garage sales as well, oh the treasures you find, such fun Rowena in snapping up those bargains. My husband had big plans to purchase a stunning camera with all the bells and whistles but decided it can wait and that his photography at the moment is okay with the camera he has already. I guess when the kids are older we can spend our monies on things we don’t need.

        • roweeee says:

          It’s hard trying to find the balance between needs and wants. I do a lot of community event photography which is unpaid and to be honest, it has helped to wear out my camera so I am having to reconsider. I’ve been photographing events at the school for 6 years and recnetly have been photographing the scouts, which doesn’t involve quite the volume of photos. Even though you’re not having to pay to print them out, taking thousands of photos does put a strain on your equipment. Usually, I’m working so it’s not much of an issue.
          The op shops on the Northern Beaches are particularly good and with people being obsessed by decluttering, they’re getting rid of some amazing treasures. I’ve now got to do a huge clean up and move things on myself. I think I have run out of spaces to shove things into.

  15. Sue Slaght says:

    I am astounded that he captured this image on his phone! Secondly sharing it with you because he knew how special it would be makes you two seem like great friends. My husband and I have been together since 1979 and we would agree it is the little day to day things and knowing what will delight the other, these are precious things.

  16. The dragonfly is stunning. The wings look like silver. I love the way they shine in the sun. A fabulous capture … AND … with a phone. The dragonfly had to have been waiting for someone to come by and give it’s beauty a showcase. BEAUTIFUL … !!!
    Belated Happy Easter wishes to you and your family.
    Isadora 😎🌹

  17. Kath … When we look back, we often realize that the “little” things were really BIG. Your husband captured one of those “little” moments in a big way. That is a gorgeous dragonfly. I know those fleeting moments well. I saw a spiderweb in the woods, its web glistening from the sunlight. Argh! I didn’t have a camera … and I have tried to recapture that picture-perfect moment many times. 😉

    • Judy thanks, you have it in your mind and you still remember how awesome it was. But I get it. So many times I have seen something out there in nature and did not have my camera. Only this morning on my walk a dear ran across the road in front of me. The way it bounded over the fence blew me away. It was like it hung in mid air for a few seconds and I smiled thinking. I would never have had enough time to capture that. I will never forget that glorious image of freedom a sky-bound deer can create.

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