Prompt Me Punk 2

prompt me_0001Prompt Me Punk, I dare You!

Its BACK. So here is your chance to get involved.

If you have followed my blog for a while you might remember the picture book writing prompt challenge.  A big thanks goes out to Desi who asked could I do this again. Desi has been a regular reader on my space lately. He is also taking the time to leave many comments. Visit Desi at and say hello. Looking at my site stats he is at the top of the board for leaving comments and many of you regular readers are not far behind. I appreciate all the comments I receive on this blog and a random act of art will be happening again soon for one of my subscribers to the newsletter. A chance for me to say thank you with art, for reading and commenting on my posts.

But for today let’s have some picture book fun.

The last picture book prompt won by Sheila Hurst, you can read Sheila’s prompt and my story here.

One wish, I hope I can improve on my stories each time. It’s all about Practice, practice and yes practice.


Two characters (animal or human), this time and a story line prompt, keep it simple. REMEMBER My children will be picking the story idea that they like. Keep it rated G too, this is all about picture book ideas folks. I will try to get an illustration up to share as well.

The winning prompt is to be announced in my monthly newsletter. So if you have not subscribed hit the subscribe here, link at the top right hand corner of my blog page.

Thanks a bunch, I can’t wait to see what you have for me this time. I really enjoyed reading all your ideas last time. I will post my efforts in an up and coming post.

Stay tuned folks and have a fantastic day. (You never know maybe one day it might become a picture book FOR REAL).

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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50 Responses to Prompt Me Punk 2

  1. mihrank says:

    incredible and amazing post!!

  2. This is good Kath, you are very creative! Wiley the Owl and Ben the Bat set off together into the forest after being banished from their families. Wiley is in search of his wisdom and Ben his Courage (Ben has fear of the dark) 🙂

  3. Desi Clown says:

    My God! I’m beyond honored at you mentioning me in your blog! Thank you so so much for this gesture, you can’t imagine what this means to me! 🙂 …. and PROMPT ME PUNK IS BACK! YAAY! Hahaha.. My characters this time are Jake who is a cook in a fancy Spanish villa, and Lucky a stray puppy whom Jake feeds scraps now and then. The prompt is, “It was later than usual for Jake to leave the villa, and instead of taking the usual route, he chose a shortcut. Lucky, alert as ever, knew what lurked that way, but could do nothing to warn his friend. Silently, he followed him hoping the danger would pass”

  4. Love this idea of Prompt Me Punk!

    Now I have to think of a prompt! Hmmm…

    Simple…. Orvill the Cat sat on Jake the Dog’s mat.

  5. A terrific idea to bring out again, Kath. I know your kids will pick a winner this time too.

    Following Desi now. 🙂

  6. Fun, Kath! My characters are a ten year old boy and a puppy. The boy’s mother has taken him to the pet store to entertain him on a rainy day.
    “Mom, come quick! You’ll never guess what I just saw.”

  7. Dana says:

    Oh I love this! And I adore that cat drawing.

    Ok no idea why I’m picking creatures that completely weird me out, but here it goes…

    A stink bug and a lonely spider forge an unlikely friendship in order to survive. They decide up search for a place where people don’t scream at their approach or try to squash them. With small suitcases in hand, or in the stink bug’s case, a backpack, they set off from the only home they’ve ever known, to a world beyond the walls…

  8. Kath, what a fun idea. My characters are Rusty the robin and Ready the rabbit. Prompt: Rusty and Ready are both feeding under the umbrella of a willow tree when a hungry, stray cat shows up. Will the cat be a friend or foe?

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  9. Alisa Belzil says:

    This is a fantastic challenge! You get everyone involved in the fun! I must have missed the last round. So many creative friends out there with wonderful ideas for books and characters.

    • Thanks Alisa any fox stories for me? I have wanted to do a fox sketch from life but they are too fast to capture on my camera. I need to keep the magic alive by practicing the picture book skills.

  10. Léa says:

    What fun Kath! You already have some gems to choose from but I will give it a go anyway.

    A family of Monotreme set out on vacation that none will soon forget… what do they discover?

    I couldn’t help my choice as I googled indigenous wildlife in Australia and the Monotreme just capture my thoughts. 😉

    • ooh a bit of mammal action, I had a gorgeous Echidna at my door once and the cat was all like…what the? It was when we first arrived and the cats were not use to the new wildlife. Loving this one too, so many to choose from…fun to see which one the kids pick.

      • Léa says:

        I thought it was cute and not one that is common. Whatever you choose, I know I will love it and look forward to reading/seeing what you create.

  11. You have some great entries already, Kath. I need to get inside my elementary-school brain. Some of my students wrote the most amazing stories. I’ll be back…

  12. Sara says:

    Fun! I can hardly wait to see what the kids choose and how you manage!

  13. Luanne says:

    I’ve thought and thought and now I have decided that I am officially burned out. Every idea I come up with I shoot down as dumb. But you have a lot of great ones to choose from here.

    • Luanne no idea is ever dumb, some of the strangest ideas end up being brilliant. All I need is two characters maybe two animals and a problem. No worries if you do not have the time. I appreciate you dropping by though. With picture books often the most simple of prompts are just magic. I will do all the hard work.

  14. I just have to keep scrolling back up to the top to look at your cat! That expression! Love it. 🙂
    As for a prompt, how about, a boy wearing a red super hero cape meets a bull in a candy shop?
    Thanks for the fun, Kath!

  15. Dalo 2013 says:

    This is such a cool concept, and mostly love this post for the statement “One wish, I hope I can improve on my stories each time. It’s all about Practice, practice and yes practice.” This is what I get out of posting (and thinking/writing the post), and this is a brilliant idea to push the envelope so to speak. With your creativity, I think this prompt allows you to pulls in resources from all your mediums and makes you stronger & stronger…which is why I suppose practice is so important (wish I would have realized that as a little kid!). My thought (which I ended up using): a swallow and crane developing a friendship 🙂
    Cheers, and wish you a great weekend Kath ~

    • Randall thanks, I really enjoyed reading your story and thank you for stopping by. My children will be reading the prompts this Sunday and I am actually thinking of a pen and ink illustration. Maybe I will make their choice into a real story giveaway on my site. Fun what comes from when we practice.

      • Dalo 2013 says:

        A pen & ink illustration would be very nice ~ as someone who cannot draw, I always wonder if those who can (like yourself) know that you possess a talent that those who don’t really wished they had 🙂

        • All it takes is a little passion and a lot of practice Randall. I have still so much to learn and the only way to learn is to keep pushing those boundaries and trying new things. You are an amazing creative soul I see it in your writing and images. So many people do not see the world the way you do. They say always try doing something that scares you. Art is not as scary as writing but I am enjoying the learning process for both.

        • Dalo 2013 says:

          🙂 That is very inspirational…maybe I will pick up some drawing pencils again (I have sets every where from past attempts…ha,ha). Agree with you about the learning process, it takes much work but it is also pretty rewarding as well. Take care ~

        • Pick them up they have been waiting for you.

  16. Here, Kath, I’ll give it a go.
    Susie, 10, and her dog, Rusty, go for a ride on a raft over a swamp when they run into unexpected trouble.
    Ralph the Rabbit returns home to his burrow to discover that an orphaned baby fox, Felix, has taken up residence there.

    Best wishes. Can’t wait to see what the kids pick.

  17. What fun – for mom, kids, and readers. =) Love seeing you chase your creativity, K.

  18. Sheila says:

    Thanks so much for the mention (and sorry I was out of town and didn’t see it until now)! As you know, I love your artwork and now I can’t wait to see the results from this prompt. Your parrot still makes me smile.

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