sea (copy)

Art work by Kath Unsworth

Looking out my window in the early hours I see the sun filtering across the mountainside, a soft dappled light of pale yellow. With the grass smothered in a thick layer of frost, I wrap myself up like an Eskimo, little flesh is exposed for the morning walk. When I feel the bite of an ice-cold wind on my cheeks and gaze at the beauty of soft clouds blanketing the base of our mountain I am in awe. But I can’t help dreaming of warmer days.

Winter is a time to slow down just a little. This week I was so busy I did not get the chance to post my Illustration friday artwork, the word topic was SUMMER.

I am trying to expand my skills with drawing children. looking at last summers photo’s I came across some snaps of a day on the beach. The challenge is legs and I still need lots of practice when you look closely, my son often walks on his toes, his wiggly walk became my study for the topic of the week.

Summer to us, means many days spent on the beach. It is our paradise a special place and one I tell my children they are lucky to experience on most weekends. As I lived many miles away from the coast as a child and it was a rare occasion to spend time at the sea. So we have the mountains to wake up to each morn and on weekends the beautiful South Coast to explore.

Collecting shells or counting sea stars are my favourite things, the kids love to grab their boards and hit the surf in the warmer months. My son is a water baby and never feels the cold even when his lips turn blue and he can’t stop shivering. Off he goes back in for more. For some reason the water calms him. My mother and I have had many wonderful conversations sitting and watching the kids play. She told me she will never grow tired of the sea and says this often.

Ice cream’s and beach days seem a long way off in the cruel winds of this winter. Yet the longest day has been and gone and when I need a summer hit I read all my favourite blogs from across the sea.

Don’t get me wrong, I love winter on the beach too. I saw my first whale of the season the other day. I love when our special place is empty and we have the rocks to ourselves. The children go rock climbing and build sand castles. Each visit to the sea brings us something new to admire.

I hope where ever you are, you are getting the most out of your season and life is sweet.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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62 Responses to DREAMING of SUMMER

  1. leamuse says:

    Kath that was lovely! It would have made me long for Summer except it is Summer here right now. My dear friend, David, is visiting me and I haven’t seen him in five years. He was a professor when I was at University and he, his wife and I became very good friends. They never had children and told me I was the daughter they never had. David’s dear wife passed away last November. He traveled to Italy a few weeks ago with his nephew and the nephew returned to the states when David came here. Last evening we walked on the beach of Port la Nouvelle on the Mediterranean and came back to a party in the village. It was Feu de Saint Jean. There was a large meal for those who wanted, music, a procession from the chateau to the oldest bridge that crosses our river. The river has very little water in it at this time of year and a huge bon fire is built then lit. It is well guarded by the pompiers (firefighters) and then people return to the Place de Marche for more music, dancing… 🙂

  2. I take it you’re down under? A lovely portrait of your son Kath and even your words paint a picture!
    Diana xo

    • Thanks Diana you got it and its cold today so dreaming about summer was a nice way to spend an hour by the fire writing and drawing.

      • Our summer is so short here in Alberta, Canada so we try to enjoy every ounce of it. Our winters can be brutal reaching minus 40 with the wind chill. Do you get snow where you are?

        • Diana, no we don’t get snow here but my kids would love that. I remember visiting some friends in Kamloops and we were dancing around in the snow because we had never experienced snow fall our Canadian hosts thought we were crazy. I never got to Alberta though, maybe one day. So many beautiful places in this world.

        • OMW! I lived in Pinanatan Lake, BC for 8 years. We had to drive 29 kilometers to Kamloops when we needed supplies!

        • Diane small world indeed….Many fun memories there, riding horses in the snow was one of them.

  3. What a lovely reflection Kath. I love the beach when it’s empty too, and in any weather and I’m at the beach house right now – will put the fire on soon 😉
    I have Never seen a whale though!

  4. diannegray says:

    It’s been beautiful here up north, but horrendous down south. My daughter told me today she lost some tiles off the roof of her house in Melbourne last night because the wind was so bad. But it’ll be our turn in summer when the cyclones hit 😦 I prefer the winter in the topics.

    The south coast is a beautiful place for children. I spent many years there on holidays as a child.

    And I love your picture – I thought it was a photo until I had a better look. Great work! 😀

    • Dianne thanks the actual picture is much better than the drawing but I need to stretch my boundaries and get some kids on the page if I want to illustrate more than one picture book. My sister is in QLD and I know she said the weather has been good. I told her to bring her winter woolies when she visits.

  5. Joan says:

    Kath, I love the art work. I am always in awe of your talent. Of course, summer has just begun here and I’m loving it. Only a few weeks ago, I was longing for summer and hating the cold weather. But seasons come and go and when the cold winds of winter come to America, I can read your blog, dream of Australia and summer. Blessings!

  6. “I am trying to expand my skills with drawing children.” Well, personally I think you’ve already reached the point of excellence, Kath. Your drawing is fantastic! It looks so real…like a photo.
    The ocean is my favorite place, winter or summer. Beautiful post!

    • Jill thanks there is always room for improvement and his legs went a bit skewiff, thats why I don’t put up the original photo…you would see then what I am talking about. Kids are hard to draw and so I will keep observing and practicing my skills. Beach time is soul time in my world too.

  7. Mary says:

    Always love your artwork and your stories, Kath. As for myself, looking forward to another trip to Miami visiting family in August. This time, I’ll be bringing my eight-year old granddaughter with me.

  8. That is is now–without the beach visits and the son with wiggling toes and the summer way off. Beautiful descriptions and picture.

  9. Shelley says:

    Summer is upon us and the beach is close by. I can envision your son walking on his toes and his wiggly walk, the heat beating down, and everyone racing towards the water. You do a remarkable job of illustrating his enthusiasm. And, then to spot a whale? I can’t help but think you have the best of all seasons, Kath.

  10. Great, Kath! You just keep getting better and better! Hope your summer-to-come is as nice as the one we are having here in Idaho. I have lots of fluffy, white clouds to practice drawing, and the occasional menacing thundercloud. But all in all, it’s been beautiful.

  11. Happy Weekend – Happy Summer – Enjoy 🙂 Love your art – people have to be challenging because I can barely manage a stick person and I prefer landscape photography over portraits.

    • Renee thank you, so long as what you do keeps you happy and I can tell by your posts you are in your element with photography, the flowers are stunning. Loved that list too in the last post I read.

  12. Gorgeous writing, Kath. You have so many talents.

    I am a lover of the beach too, and am blessed, like you, to be living beside one now. My granddaughter discovered hermit crabs last summer and brought them back in a bag of water. Her poppy talked her into letting them go again because they wouldn’t be happy living in a bag or a container. She actually cried, she felt so bad, and let them go. So soft-hearted!
    What kinds of whales populate your waters?

  13. As a true artist I’m sure you see the flaws I cannot, for I thought your illustration lovely. We’ve just begun summer here in Montana, my first in this gorgeous country. I took a hike with my daughter and her little dog yesterday. The Bitterroot River is still running high with glacial runoff and all the world was green except where there were stands of birch and aspen, the ponderosa pines adding subtle red splashes. A deer watched us for a couple of minutes before she bounded into the forest. The way was paved in pine needles. I grew-up near the ocean, so I can see it anew when you describe it…soothing, mesmerizing, and powerful it is.

  14. What a lovely post Kath! And your painting is so good! Wish I could be a fraction as good! 😄
    It’s summer here in the UK but this week feels like Autumn! Very cool and rainy. I need the good weather back to be out in the garden taking photos of our flowers! I think the summer is returning next week hopefully. 😊

    • Christine I lived in London for two years and enjoyed every minute of it, although I must say when the sun did shine my sister and I would go out into those famous parks and sit and enjoy the amazing displays of flowers, so I can imagine some beautiful images when you do get out in your garden. Look forward to seeing them.

  15. There is something about your drawing that made me think of the covers of old and tattered Trixie Beldon books I read as a child. No idea why. There might have been one entitled, Trixie Beldon at the Beach. Anyway, the drawing is lovely.

  16. kayesims says:

    Kath, your illustration is amazing. I’m very impressed. We have several artists in the family and few of them do people and/or say that they are really difficult.

    As for the seasons, it is weird for us this year. We traded Michigan winter for southern California warmth. Then we came to Alaska where it has been cold while friends at home in Michigan are sweltering in the summer heat.

  17. Kath, you’ve got the right idea, reading blogs from the northern hemisphere when it’s winter where you live…why didn’t I think of that? Your blog is going on my list for next January and February, when we’ll be enduring yet another Michigan winter ::shudders just thinking of it::

    I love the drawing of your son on the beach. Despite your undeservedly low opinion of your leg drawing abilities, it really conveys the lighthearted feeling of a kid running toward the water. Ah, summer.

  18. Alisa Belzil says:

    Hi Kath, this illustration is beautiful. I love the movement and the colors of your son’s portrait. I imagine what it is like to live where you are, from your stories and words, and I wish to visit your side of the world one day. Love love love your blog and you are fantastic! Thanks for always sharing the sweeter side of life.

    • Alisa I think we are soul sisters and thanks for the uplifting comments, because I feel the same about your artwork and creative blog. I have always tried to see the sunnier side to life and would prefer to count my blessings.

  19. Great picture Kath and from what could be quite a difficult angle to get right. We’re in the heart of summer here, but you made me long for the winter chill and the coast empty of people!

    • Andrea thanks the angle of his legs was very challenging and something I need lots of practice in. Winter morning with a hot tea and I am longing for summer. Funny isn’t it we are lucky we get a change of seasons to mix it all up a little thanks for stopping by.

  20. Kath, this is a lovely post and I think your drawing is beautiful, legs included!

    It’s all very summery here in NYC, but the irony is, as much as I yearned for this warmth all winter, I feel a nostalgia for the comfort and inward curl that happens in the colder months.

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