Temptation (A crazy cat who loves cake?)

MORE CATS you say, I say sorry, they happen to share the house we live in and inspire me to draw every day.

Most people who follow this blog know I steal my ideas for character’s from the animals around the farm.

This weeks Illustration Friday word was temptation, all I could think about was a picture book I want to write, it’s about my cat Boo. She is a small brown and grey tabby who we saved from deaths door, she had the cat flu as a kitten and her mother abandoned her.  My husband brought her home after he found her just sitting huddled in a tiny ball out in the pouring rain. I nursed her back to health. Boo’s devotion is amazing and she can often be found one step behind me, just sitting and watching. Sometimes its a little creepy. She is slowly learning that she can get attention from the other members of the family too.

cupcake (copy)

Boo by Kath Unsworth

I have never seen a cat get so fired up over a cake crumb. She will eat it out of your hand if you are not quick enough to finish. I have watched my daughter giggling and holding her cupcake up high to stop her taking a bite…….

That got me thinking about a small kitty and a simple picture book with colourful images of delectable cakes. Title


What kid does not like cake? I remember a time when my two kids could not wait for birthday cake. One of my favourite books to read them was about a Hippo who liked to eat cake. Theres a hippopotamus on the roof eating cake, I read that book over and over. Maybe one day children may want to read my stories more than once.

Please share something crazy your pet does, you never know it might become an idea for a picture book, although I have so many at the moment, my brain is bursting at the seams with critters scrambling for attention.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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52 Responses to Temptation (A crazy cat who loves cake?)

  1. The little cat just eats regular cat food but she bats the biscuits out of the bowl on to the floor, one at a time, and eats them off the floor 😉

  2. Oh I simply love this picture! What a talent you have! I could quite well live with this picture on my wall, just wonderful!

    Our older cat Poppy who. Is 19 goes crazy when she hears a crisp (potato chip?) packet. But the daft part is, she wants me to chew them first and spit them out for her! Its not that she cant chew because she eats the dry crunchy cat food. Needless to say I dont give her much mushed up crisp mixture as I know its not very good with the salt in, but I only have a small packet once a week so I would t deny her this little treat. 😊

    • I love it Christine fancy that, they do have some funny habits. Crisps are my thing and I don’t think I would want to share, so she is lucky I am not a big fan of cake and she might get a crumb every now and again.

  3. I love this drawing! And I’m a cat person so the more the better. My cats don’t like to be alone, or maybe it’s more that they hate a closed door, so whenever there is one, they slam themselves against the door until someone wakes up or gets up to open it. They also cuddle together in such a sweet and intimate way, that when you interrupt them by accident they give you such a look you feel like you interrupted something very private.

  4. leamuse says:

    Kath, never apologise for showing us CATS. I adore them and yours are delightful!

  5. leamuse says:

    There is a book that I think you would really enjoy. Although it was written a long time ago, it is a MUST for anyone who loves cats. It is called THE FUR PERSON and was written by the late May Sarton. You may find it in a used book shop or perhaps easier to track down online. I promise you won’t be sorry and will quickly understand why I am sending this message. 🙂

    • Lea thanks you have mentioned it before and I have searched for it, maybe online might be the go…thank you. I told my daughter when I am with a cat I feel young again and if I had had a cat like Boo who follows me everywhere when I was little I would have been in a magical world for sure. They really are beautiful buddies to have around.

      • leamuse says:

        Kath, sorry to repeat myself but I do think you would find it inspirational at the very least. Léa
        I tried bringing in a cat who was crying outside this morning. Unfortunately, it is one of the feral cats and won’t let anyone near it. 😦 Léa

  6. Boo is absolutely adorable…I love the little tongue! My cat, no longer with me, used to come running when I filed my fingernails. She would open her mouth because she loved for me to file her teeth with the emery board. Go figure… 🙂

    • Jill sorry to hear that, I am amazed with the things animals can do and my husband said the other day after watching the famous you tube clip of a cat scaring off a dog attacking a child that animals are evolving just like us…I think its true how could they not.

  7. Look at the focus in those eyes! He’s on it. Nothing finicky about that cat.

    • She has these eyes that draw you in and she looks at me and I know exactly what she wants Jacqui, she is a sweet thing and has finally divided her time now and hangs out with my daughter who showers her with love when I am too busy.

  8. creationsbymit says:

    The look in this kitty’s eye is just awesome! No doubt she wants that cake!

  9. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    your words make me smile…my zoo seems to find ways into my writings more these days…
    I was coming over to my cottage to write when I heard a lapping noise, 4 kittens were lined up on the steps I fixed for the goslings pool for them, they were all drinking in perfect timing as their mom sat their with her head tilted watching them…the tiniest kitten got up on the rock in the water, he puffed up as if he were king of the hill LOLs..he had the flu too, he was born in a late freeze and the mom left him, I was making my rounds checking on all of the critters and found him on the ground by my steps shivering..three days and he is now climbing trees with his siblings…so tiny…but so busy LOLs..

    I like your cat eating cakes, my Luigi does too LOLs
    he likes a nibble for breakfast
    Thank you for the smiles this morning! I enjoyed them!
    (do the book!)
    Take Care…You Matter…

  10. The cat that comes to you and chooses you is a devoted cat. Mr. Calvin won’t sit at his bowl and wait for canned food. Instead, if he’s already near the kitchen he has to walk out of the room and then come running when I set it down. Too, if I’m giving out treats he won’t sit on the kitchen tile to eat them, but instead insists on sitting on the carpet. If I set a treat on the tile he won’t eat it unless he can reach out and pull it to the carpet. Misha often won’t jump directly onto the cat post near my desk. Instead, she insists on jumping onto my desk and walking across it to the cat post. Likewise, she likes to sleep beside me on my left side, but refuses to jump onto the bed from that side. Instead, she jumps onto the right side of the bed and tries to walk across my chest. Same battle every night.

    • Christine reading this I think of a book I saw about Autism. Cats so know what they want and need don’t they?
      All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome was the book, I have never read it but we laugh and make jokes with my son about his cat being an aspie like him and we also have a book idea for kids on the spectrum called. My cats and Aspie Cat. It would be about a little boy who has been told he is different and then he discovers his cat is the same…scratchy line drawings is what I am thinking and using my sons big smokey grey tabby Apple who loves to sit on my sons bed at night and calm him down. They both get hypo and a little crazy at times they are both are sweet when they want to be too….ahh another one on my list and thanks for sharing your cats with me any cat story is a good one in my book.

  11. Herman says:

    Great picture!
    PS: We like cake too…

  12. No cat on Mojito. I love cake though, especially pastries. Boo is so cute. Rare that cats show such devotion. Mostly its the other way around.

  13. Patricia you must see the cat on you tube that scared a dog away from a child who was being attacked, it is amazing and proves cats are loyal creatures but they also know how to take care of themselves if needed. Thanks for breezing by, hope the sails are up and the sun is shining your way?

  14. Never apologize, Kath, for drawing cats! My daughter’s cats open every cabinet door in her home during the night, and leave them open to be discovered the next morning. Linda swears her cats have an obstacle course they run in the dark.

    • I am lucky that most of the people who visit like cats. They are all so unique aren’t they? We you tube cat stuff for a laugh all the time, my son could watch them over and over Susan.

  15. Joan says:

    I love cats and I love this picture! You are so talented, Kath.

  16. Sara says:

    OK, I’m not a cat lover per se, but a cat that loves cake is definitely a cat I could love. Your illustrations are so much fun!!

  17. Great picture Kath and some great stories!

  18. Oh, you know I’m a crazy cat lady, so you can post your feline art any day. I know that my two are into any dessert with a lot of dairy. There have been several close calls around here. : )

    • Well all crazy cat ladies are welcome here Britt, I use to say if I never met the man of my dreams I would live in a house with fifty cats and have crazy purple hair lol. I have three cats…needless to say I met my match and was happy he loves cats more than me and now I say NO when he offers to bring more orphans home.

  19. diannegray says:

    This is a beautiful picture, Kath. I love the way Boo came into your life and I’m sure she knows you and your hubby saved her life – what a gorgeous story that makes just on it’s own! 😀

    • Dianne people say cats are selfish and not as loving as a dog…but they do love us in their own special ways…..even if it means they leave a nice juicy rat at the door as a gift eh!

      • diannegray says:

        Oh yes! I love a cat that gives me gifts like this! My mother-in-law’s cat (next door on the farm) often leaves these lovely morsels in the yard and I give said cat a big hug every time! 😀

  20. 4amWriter says:

    Beautiful picture. I love the header to your blog, too! And, I’m a big cat lover so cat posts don’t bother me! 🙂

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