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I need to build a solid following for when my picture book is ready for publishing. Illustrations are evolving one by one. This is one of my characters from the picture book Sugar Goes to the Fair. I need a name, that’s where you can help.

For all my subscribers (button on the top right, if you have not taken the plunge yet.) This month when I send out my monthly newsletter I will be waiting for you to email me in return with a name for my kitten. If you can think of a name to suit her, I have decided she will be a she. One subscriber’s name will be chosen to bring my kitten to life. I will post my email around the 15th of April if you are not on my email list and have followed my blog there is a place I update my readers on what I am working on, my struggles and my small wins, you can subscribe to my monthly newsletter today and be in the running.

I will be honest with you. The more people on my list the better, the more people I can connect with on a personal level. If I end up going the standard publishing road with this picture book, apparently one of the questions they will ask is……

“How many people can you connect with via email to promote your latest work?

Indeed, I am on a mission to build a strong list of amazing people from all over the world. For those of you already on board I thank you for your support and remember to email me your cat name when the newsletter arrives and if you need help with something you can also email me personally. I will be giving away art in a promotional event and have a pretty special give away coming up in the next month or two and I will tell you about it in the next newsletter.

So happy to say my cat picture of Apple will be travelling all the way to the USA to Katina one of my subscribers.


A little back story on my Kitty….from Sugar Goes to the Fair. (without giving main story plot away. When our hero Sugar meets the Kitten she is lost and afraid just like Sugar at the fair, She is a bit shy at first but she can dance and is a wonderful friend for Sugar the calf. They solve their problems together.

You can leave ideas for names here if you wish for a bit of fun, but the winner will only come from my list of subscribers. How else do I get you to come on over to my special list of readers. Please share with me if you have a subscribers list. (I can sign up and support you too, as a writer I know how hard  and lonely it is out there.)

Tell me, how do you make your newsletters attractive and interesting for your readers and what do you think of my kitten?

Competition now closed

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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53 Responses to Name that Kitten

  1. Tricia Robertson says:

    Kitten Name: Olive

  2. I’m ready, I’ve got the name for that kitten!!

  3. Aquileana says:

    Just my suggestion on the cat name: Twister…

    I´ll be checking out the other post too. Best wishes, Aquileana 😛

  4. You might have a contest on a children’s book site or a children’s site. Let the youngsters take part in publishing your book!

  5. leamuse says:

    Your work is adorable and I look forward to it being available as there is a new young lady in our family. Taylor will be two months old this Thursday.
    I do love cats! And while I don’t usually write for children, I have raised several and told them stories. The kitten you have here has attitude and made me think of such a name. “Licorice” She is sweet but has a bit of mischief?
    Bonne chance!

    • Thank you I use to read to my two at that age and now they are both keen readers. I like Licorice as the two friends will see lots of yummy things at the fair. All will be revealed in the next monthly newsletter.

  6. Great work. Muley. Was my thought.

  7. She is sweet but also so sad and alone. Glad you made her a girl. We girls feel sad and alone sometimes too. I think an easy pronounceable name will be a god choice. What do you think, Kath?
    You want to pick her up, wipe away her tears and take her home.
    “Shadow” is my choice.

    • Patricia I do like Shadow Oh the choice will be hard and I will let you know on the 15th. Im glad you want to pick her up and take her home that is the effect I wanted to capture…thank you dear friend.

  8. Your kitten is adorable…you’re so talented! She looks like a Fiona to me. 🙂

  9. Hi Kath,

    I find it difficult to appropriately place that expression of the kitten.It should be happy but does not seem to be. If it is somewhere in the Fair grounds, what makes it carry such a bored and doleful expression? And if it is indeed feeling down , what could it do to perk up its drooping whiskers?


    • Shakti there would be no story if the kitten was happy, not at first anyway. It is….. a sad to happy story eventually. Bored? not sure about that but everyone has their own imagination and opinions……there is the beauty of choice, not everyone will enjoy my story and thats okay with me.

  10. Mary says:

    I had a black kitty once – sweet, playful, followed me everywhere, and always managed to get into trouble 😉 Her name was Rascal!

  11. A friend just introduced me to your blog. Im so pleased she did! I have subscribed to your email fist so I can offer a name. I have one in my head already.

    I have a progressive form of MS and am not very mobile so reading to my five tiny grandchildren (five of them under 5!) is a very precious pastime. 😊

    Good wishes


  12. Sheila says:

    I never noticed your newsletter but made sure to subscribe and will look forward to it! I once had a black kitten named Midnight so of course I can’t think of any other name.

    • Oh how I love that one Midnight what a cool name for a cat Sheila, so many good ideas. Be sure to hit the reply button when my email of extra moments arrives in your inbox and leave your kitty name. Thanks for subscribing you wont see newsletters here they are separate from my blog and usually I write about my journey with my writing projects and connect with people on a more personal level via email. Glad to have you on my list Sheila and I want to thank you for sending readers from your space over to mine I have met some more wonderfully creative people thanks to you. If you did not receive my free mini ebook be sure to tell me and I will email it personally.

      • Sheila says:

        I did get the ebook and it’s beautiful (of course)! I love introducing friends and I’m so glad you were able to meet some great ones. Best of luck with your publishing adventures!

        • Sheila thank you Im glad you liked it and hope it lightens someones day, it is meant to be shared, there are too many people hurting in this big old world, Now off to read your latest post, I always look forward to that.

  13. I do like the name Rascal. But I will always think of this kitten as Queenie. (private smile…)

    • Oh I do too! I dont know why Queenie just does not suit this little gal Susan. Now Rascal has a bit of character about it. Thanks for commenting I do love when you come to visit.

  14. First name that comes to mind: Soot. Though I like Rascal too 🙂

  15. Kath, your mini ebook is just fabulous! 😊

    • Christine Thank you for saying so, I love the feed back. I hope you share it with someone who needs a lift. My husband took most of the beautiful photo’s, he has an eye for fine detail in nature. When I lost my brother it was a hard lesson in life and I know we all have them and its the choices we make to keep living a full life for those we have lost.

      • I definitely will share it with someone neeing a lift. It came at he right time for me and lifted me and so deserves to be passed on. I didnt know you lost your brother. Im so sorry for this big loss. X

        • Thank you Christine he was a an awesome fun loving guy and he did not show many people that he suffered in silence. Depression is a very serious thing and no one is immune from its clutches. When I feel down I talk to the moon and stars above, I know he is there somewhere. I hope you are feeling strong, your daily struggles lightened. I am thankful I have the gift of positive thinking which so many lack. I am grateful we can connect on a personal level and if you ever need a friendly ear… email me, I say to people …..being human is hard, but we can soften the journey with love and encouragement.

      • Thank you very much Kath; I am very grateful for this new friendship 😊

  16. Kath, you amaze me! I love, love, love your illustrations and am excited to see you publish your work. I have not taken the plunge yet as far as writing a newsletter, so you will be inspiration for me. I’m just trying to get into a regular habit of writing and publishing a blog, if not every day at least three days a week. Thanks for sharing your passion with us all!

    • Tammy you inspire me because you are a fighter a strong woman, who will never give up her mission.Complete everything in your own time and pace. Writing is such a pleasure but I never dreamed it would carry me to this amazing world where I get to connect with people from all walks of life. It astounds me. Keep at it build your tribe one by one, get to know your readers, they need your soft spoken words of encouragement. I am starting to realise being an encourager is something I enjoy doing too. We can pass it on and on and meet people we would have never met if we did not send our words out into the big wide world.

      • Kath, thanks for your beautiful words! I wonder if you were looking in the mirror. 🙂 Keep on marching forward. I’m enjoying having you to connect with on this journey.

        • Tammy indeed….. my biggest fear is I feel like I am never going to finish anything, but my daughter reminded me thats not true, she said you finished your first draft for your Nanowrimo challenge and you finished the words for the story in Sugar Goes to the Fair. Now all you have to do is edit novel and finish drawings……out of the mouths of babes. I am enjoying reading about your challenge to rest as so many humans who need to …we do not value the importance of it.

        • You have a very wise daughter Kath. She sounds a lot like my daughter. How’d they get so smart? Thanks for your support. Yes, learning to rest has been heavy on my heart for about 2 years now, and you are so right, it is not valued in our culture. I hope my sharing this struggle will help someone out there who is struggling in silence and shame.

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  18. mihrank says:

    It made me smile!! Thank you!!

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