Obsessions and Confessions of a Mad Scribbler

think cat (copy)

Artwork by Kath Unsworth

Another Story

This would be me if I was a cat. I am not very interesting to draw but as you can see by my posts I love my cats.

The children and I imagine them coming inside at night-time, all three of them. They would try on our hats and glasses, even jewellery, go through our stuff and get all dressed up for a tea party. Stand up on two legs like humans or sit at the kitchen table. They would speak with posh british accents, talk about the weather whilst sipping tea and laugh at the stupid humans that live in the house. Nobody ever sees them but in the morning the kitchen is always a frightful mess.


 I have an obsession, I realized a long time ago, I confess even an addiction, I love the beginning of a an idea or story, more than anything in the world.

Reading this post I could relate, if you find it hard to finish anything have a look you may end up becoming a Completion Addict. This website is one of my favourite places for writing tips and I love this post.

http://writetodone.com/complete-every-writing-project-start/  by 

When I read it I knew she was talking about me, the information made me think deeply about my issues. I want to become a Completion Addict too.

Yes, I am one of those writers addicted to NEW IDEAS. If you have read my posts and mostly my newsletters, I am forever coming up with new stories. I know it’s a trap to keep me from finishing anything. I know how it works but the beginning of the creative process is an obsession and hard to stop.

For the last two weeks I have felt flat, like I will never finish the picture book or that novel. These are normal emotions. I am feeling this way because I have barred myself  to start any new projects.

I need to think in smaller amounts of work, like the above post from Write to Done suggests. Break it down and become addicted to finishing something. I like that idea, I have never been addicted to finishing anything. It is never too late to start.

My list of obstacles are endless.

Nothing happens over night.

The hard work is TRULY REALLY hard work.

LIFE gets in the way. (that’s a biggie, family commitments etc, etc.) So what…NO EXCUSE! I can push through and schedule time for me and my passion. I must.

My other confession is, I read far too many websites on the craft of writing. The other day I asked my beautiful writing buddy Patricia to read my first chapter of my WIP. Her comments were constructive, useful and honest (you are the best buddy a new writer could have). I stripped my chapter back and found it began where I originally started. How did it grow into an overload of information dumps? I read too many websites on different topics and changed my story, not realizing simple is best when you are learning the craft.

How can I turn it around?

It is different for everyone. I will set a goal to finish one illustration a week. Knock out social media and only read the best of the best when it comes to reading about the craft. Keep editing each morning and keep it simple for now. Maybe reward myself when I finish my tasks with reading a few blog posts from you my fellow readers.

If all else fails ……..Walk, walk and walk some more, nothing like nature to bring me back to the most simple existence.

So, it is time to stop reading and get back in my chair, sharpen my pencils and set to work.

New ideas are great, but they now have a place in an exercise book (locked away until I FINISH).

YES I adore new ideas and that is okay, but for now I must finish what I have already started. Even if it feels slow, I will place one finger in front of the other and keep typing.

The post from Write to Done was written by  check out her space

here       http://creativitysworkshop.com/

What are you trying to finish? Share your battle and inspire me today.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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62 Responses to Obsessions and Confessions of a Mad Scribbler

  1. OK, who won this picture, Kath? He’s too darn cute.

  2. How I relate to this! About 30 years ago, I learn something about myself as I was trying to write affirmations about finishing projects. Of course, the point is to couch the affirmation in positive, personal terms, e.g. instead of saying, “I never sleep in,” I would write, “I rise early, and greet each day with a smile.” What I learned about myself was I could think of NO word for “finish” that had a positive connotation for me! Finish, end, complete, wrap-up, end-off: every one of those words made me feel like crying. When I saw that, I knew what I had to tackle. I addressed honestly where my grief was coming from, and was able to separate past loss from present actions. Bringing a task to an end no longer had to equal the end of anything else. I took little steps, and genuinely congratulated myself when I finished ANYTHING. (Hint, Kath: you finish blog entries all the time!!!!) Soon, I became proud of my ability to complete projects. Just a bit of memory and advice from an old lady — who finally can get things done!

    • Susan you are inspiring and I now take what I can on each day and I see tiny advancements and for now that is enough. Some days I get one illustration finished and some days only the outline. Each one I do I see the process getting closer to where I want to be. When Sugar Goes to the Fair is done I will have wonderful people like you to thank and celebrate with. xxxxx might I add that whale poem on your last post is so beautiful you definitely need to make it into a picture book.

  3. Desi Clown says:

    I’m guilty of not STARTING things at all! :p I have a couple blog posts in my mind, and I twist and turn ideas inside my head, without taking the effort to type. I’ve got to start putting my ideas out there.

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