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It is time to PAY it FORWARD

I wish to thank all the wonderful people who follow and read my posts. I never thought I would meet so many talented and gifted individuals. Some live so far away from my little island of Australia. Some draw, some paint, some write stories or poetry, some capture life with a camera, or share recipes and some just share their struggles of life. You don’t realise when you leave those comments YOU inspire me to keep thriving, keep walking the tightrope. Helping me to stay accountable to my projects and pushing me through the boundaries of learning. Also reading your stories gives me hope, often laughter and yes even  a touch of sorrow, I love reading about your worlds.

Dreams are good but taking the step to live them needs encouragement and I have found that inspiration here.


I thank you  for the follows, I thank those who have gone one step further and subscribed to my newsletter. I have some exciting news, especially if you have enjoyed my illustrations and you are a subscriber. Here is a chance to win an original illustration      (I See You) by me, of course. In soft colour pencils. It is already double matted and ready to be framed, shrink wrapped and will be bubble wrapped to post. I wish I could send all my subscribers an original piece of artwork but it’s just not cost-effective. What do you have to do? Nothing, if you are a subscriber you will go straight into the draw. I will enter  all the emails and draw one lucky winner.


In my next newsletter (MARCH 15th) I will announce the winner. This is my gift to show my gratitude for the amazing support I have received from my subscribers. Yes YOU those who read my newsletter and then email me a response, you astound me. I had one beautiful person send me a voice message of encouragement, (you know who you are). Hitting the reply button does more than you know and I hope I can encourage more people as my email list grows. If you are not a fan of cats,  it would make a great gift.

STILL a CHANCE to get in the DRAW

For anyone who follows but has not subscribed to my monthly newsletter. ( I post once a month on the topics of being creative and share the journey of writing novels and picture books.) You have until the 15th of March to get on board and a chance to win this picture. I love the feedback from the people on my email list and have made some very strong links of friendship and writing buddies. If you decide to join I will not share your details and my newsletter is a little extra boost of writing from the artist where I share my ups and downs, learning the craft of writing and illustrating. A little more of what you see here only up close and personal.

If you have not subscribed already please remember to also download my free e-book Minuscule Moments, words and images to lift the soul, inspiring  pages of hope after darkness and share it with those in need of a lift.

We all have tough days, days we wish went quickly, days of sadness and joy. My blog has been mostly about celebrating the minuscule moments because sometimes that is all we have. It might be something as simple as seeing a butterfly or a sunset or holding someones hand. Maybe a day where you wrote a poem you wish to share I hope we can continue to inspire each other and I look forward in sending this picture out into the big wide world. (Stay tuned).

apps1 (copy)

What are you grateful for today, I am grateful that you stopped by and spent a moment here with me.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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43 Responses to ONE SUBSCRIBER will WIN

  1. The drawing is gorgeous. Someone will be really lucky to win this.

  2. Your art is so beautiful! How will you part with such a gorgeous piece? You are one talented lady, Kath!

  3. I love it! But I’ve already won, having you for a friend and helper. This would strike terror into the heart of my church mice!

  4. A worthwhile prize, indeed, and one I’d cherish always. At the same time, I’ve little doubt that my comments are but humble responses to all the joy and profound insight you’ve provided. Thank you so much, Kath. 🙂

    • Christina thank you, I never realised I could make so many wonderful friends on line and now I think about people after reading their posts, like yours and wonder how your day is going. Isnt that an amazing thing in itself? Hope your cats have settled in well.

      • Yes, same here. I’m always excited to see your posts and can’t wait to see how life is moving along on your beautiful homestead so far away. The kitties are doing exceptionally well. They seem more relaxed here. I can only assume it suits them better as it does me. 🙂

  5. snappychat says:

    Stunning drawing Kath, I love reading your blog and seeing your drawing. Well done, keep up the wonderful work. It is amazing how you get to know a person through what they write or feature on their blog.

    • Suzanne thanks you are like an old friend because every time my husband and I go on facebook we will say to each other have you seen what Suzanne has up today? We always agree that you have a such a beautiful eye for detail and yet we have never met you. I feel like we are on the same page.

  6. diannegray says:

    Just beautiful, Kath. You are very talented indeed 😀

  7. What a cool idea… You are very talented Kath. A woman who wears a technicolor dream coat.
    Your drawing looks exactly like Peter’s cat, Tim. We had him for 12 years until he was run over one weekend when we were away. A neighbor found him and not knowing he belongs to us buried him in her garden and planted a rose on his grave.
    Have a wonderful week, from a wet Hermanus.

    • Thank you Patricia it is sad to lose a pet, each one holds a special place in my heart. What a sweet neighbor.
      You can send some rain over please we look like we are heading for another drought here. Would love some rain.

  8. Grateful today–that my son is back in the US instead of Middle East. Not quite home, but closer.

  9. Kath, you astound me! Your artwork is beautiful and I enjoy your writing. What a fun gift! 🙂

  10. Joan says:

    Kath, this is just beautiful (and you know I love cats!). You are so talented! I’ve shared on G+ and Twitter.


  11. Kath, I love your kitty-cat and am going to subscribe to your newsletter. It has a similar shaped face as my daughter’s cat. Lovely!

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  12. G. Olivo says:

    Gorgeous drawing Kath!

  13. This is a wonderful concept. It’s always astounding to me when, yet, another blogger follows me. I want to thank them and show my appreciation for their support but, more importantly, I want to thank them for having faith in what I’m doing on my blog. They ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ and give me the gentle push that keeps me forging forward. I love your kindness in showing them that they are special. Thank you for visiting my blog. I will be signing up for your newsletter which sounds very interesting.
    I am grateful for this small piece of paradise I was sent to discover so I could nourish myself and enjoy. In my youthful days, I may have viewed all this as dull and boring. Now, this is God’s summer residence that he directed me to find and enjoy while he is busy.

    • I know what you mean the smallest moments do seem a little dull to the young. In time we see the precious moments and value every minute we have. I am also amazed by this blogging world and that is why I will continue to give things out for free and share my art with the world. Thanks for all the lovely comments, you might win the artwork good luck.

    • Isadora for your chance to win you must subscribe I noticed you followed but did not hit the subscribe bar on the right. GOOD LUCK

      • Thank you for the direction to the subscribe button.
        At times, when I am hopping around the blogs I follow or that comment on mine my eye start seeing a BIG BLUG. Stubborn as I am – because I want to visit everyone – I continue knowing I should rest my peepers.
        I’m so happy I was able to download this booklet of photos and sayings.
        It’s lovely. A tender little gift.
        Isadora ~~~~ : – )

        • So glad you liked it, I am not vet tech savvy and I don’t know how to make my Subscribe button big and flashing lol But thats okay, its more about connecting with people and sharing my words at the moment, I wish you luck in the draw and a special day.

  14. becca givens says:

    Apple is indeed handsome with wonderful markings. Your rendition of him is beautiful! You are very gifted! 😀

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