Is Bug Watching a SPORT?

bug4 (copy)The theme word for my local writing group this month was SPORT.

A tough one for me. I avoid my laptop, the usual excuses, domestics need my full attention, she writes with a sigh. I choose to be distracted by the mundane duties of life, due to the nature of the word SPORT.  No fires of inspiration, I got nothing as they say.



Whilst hanging clothes on the line at my mother’s, a cool sea breeze whips at the back of my neck, my mind stumbles through the lost corridors of memories searching for that story on sport. The imagination drifts far and wide.


Theres a bug!” I shout. No reply from the children inside.

Well, maybe a faint sarcastic cheer reaches me from within the house. Who cares, I ignore it, grab the camera and begin chasing the six-legged creepy crawly all over the garden. The writing challenge will have to wait. The bug attempts to climb on my camera I enjoy the shadows it creates making it look like a giant creäture from the swamps, instead of a cute little harmless bug.

I think about the word sport, we go way back. Back so far I can’t remember the last team sport I participated in. Sad but true, my super active days have diminished, I walk and I know, it’s a lame excuse for exercise.

I use to be a netball player, netball is a sure way to blow out your ankles, all that stopping and starting. The ankles still ache when it rains and I wish I had been tall enough to play basketball.

I use to take part in kick boxing, oh what a healthy lass I was then. In my prime. What I could do with some of that energy wasted on the young.

Oh well that was the past, now I chase bugs. At least I am up and about I thought to myself. I was not glued to the TV like my children. Maybe bug watching is a kind of sport.

Sport (or sports) is all forms of usually competitive physical activity which,[1] through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing entertainment to participants, and in some cases, spectators.[2 (from Wikepedia)

I am happy to say although there are some grey areas, I think BUG WATCHING could be considered a sport, in fact I might be brave enough to say a fantastic sport.

My pulse races as I snap shot the little yellow dot crawling along the railing. I am happy. The endorphins kick in and no matter the quantity, I am using up physical energy. Hopefully I am providing delayed entertainment for you when you see my photographs. I promise to cherish and share with those who don’t see everyday life as wonderous.

I know nature has a rule of thumb for colours and danger (bright yellow). What I didn’t know as my husband informed me later, these Citrus bugs (Musgraveia sulciventris) this one a bug nymph, can spray a special formula and cause temporary blindness. Maybe my title should have been……. Is Bug Watching a dangerous Sport?

Enjoy my photo’s and tell me if you have a passion you could consider your sport of champions.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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25 Responses to Is Bug Watching a SPORT?

  1. Wow ! Didn’t know about the temporary blindness either.

    Will have to give this sport thing some thought…

  2. Lotta Wanner says:

    Sounds like a great sport! And just imagine it can be dangerous too, even better! Maybe not so great for the audience at a big arena, but on TV! Very nice pictures and a great story!

  3. nannus says:

    A very beautiful bug.
    On sport I am practicing in summer is weeding my vegetable patch. Afterwards, every muscle is hurting. A really good exercise for the whole body. It might even be competitive, since those neighbors who have more time have less weeds. Here, the winners tend to be retired elderly people who simply have more time whlile we “younger” ( 😉 ) ones tend to loose.

  4. Sheila says:

    Hahah – sounds like an extreme sport to me! I’d much rather go bug chasing than play football. The rewards of bug chasing seem to be much better – beautiful photos. Yes, life really is wondrous. Thank you for sharing your new sport and photos. Now you’ve put me in the mood to go bug chasing!

  5. Great photos, especially the one from underneath. Looks so well against the blue sky. Well worth the chase! Of course it’s a sport.

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble Kath. Bug watching is a hobby not a sport. Dangerous things comes in small packages. But she really is cute bug. Like Susan I like the one from underneath. A golden disk against the azure sky. You like bugs, I like watching the sea. And this time of year the whales are here. Bugs vs Southern Right Whales, minuscule creatures vs giants of the deep.

    • Patricia how about a spectator sport? Bug watching might be a bit like train spotting to some lol.
      I watched a mother whale and her baby playing in the bay only yesterday it is mesmerising and close to one of my all time favourite spectator sports.

  7. annepeterson says:

    The sport I liked? Volleyball. I used to be good at scooping the ones off the net. I wasn’t afraid to get down there. Still I think I could get down there, but getting up? Nope. I also played Basketball but didn’t try out for a team or anything, just loved playing.

    Bug watching a sport? Why not? Liked the pics.

  8. What a cute little bug! I understand how it gave you inspiration. Bug watching a sport? Heck, yeah! Love the pics and the story. 🙂

  9. katinavaselopulos says:

    How cute the photos are!
    Sport or hubby, or anything you want to call it, I do it…I love watching birds, butterflies, bees, spiders building their webs, and all kinds of bugs and insects, especially lady bugs and praying mantis …in my garden. I don’t think I could observe a scorpion (which often makes his appearance in my home, in Greece) more than a couple of seconds before I start yelling for my husband to save me.

    Today, a wood pecker dropped by our garden, and I forgot what had to be done, watching him clean our pair tree from tiny bugs.

    • Katina ever since I was little, I would be fascinated watching a spider build its web. Almost in a dream like state following the birds in the sky and wishing I could fly. A wood pecker, now that must be something special. Thanks for the visit.

  10. Oh you are amazing. Like golf–no one thinks of golf as a sport until they get older and then–wow is it exercise. Bug watching, the way you do it–chasing around with a camera, laying in wait and leaping up to the perfect picture–of course that’s a sport!

    • Jacqui I think you might be onto something there, it may have everything to do with slowing down as I age and appreciating the things I never would have looked at twice in my city living youth. Thank you for dropping in.

  11. Desi Clown says:

    Well technically, bug watching DOES fit the definition of sport properly :p and its dangerous too, you never know which bug will spray something on you. Temporary blindness! God! Looks beautiful though

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