My gift to You

Stop and Enjoy the smallest Moments, no, I am not trying to sell you anything. I just want to share some peace and beauty with you.

It has been a busy week revising my story after sending it to my first beta reader. Fighting off the flu and dealing with the every day domestics that two children expect from you day in and day out. I did not have time to write a post this week. Instead I give you some of my husbands minuscule moments on the dairy, if you enjoy them he has a page called harvestmoon on facebook, he does not sell them, yet enjoys the comments people make about his work. Pete has taken photo’s of the cows for a few years now and decided it was time to take a different perspective of life on the dairy.

We are like two peas in the same pod, we both enjoy nature and can often be found comparing photo’s, much to our children’s annoyance. My daughter refers to us as snap happy nerds, I kind of like it, it has a certain ring to it. I left a few of my own photo’s at the bottom, spider web world.

Share with me what you and your partner like to do together I love hearing about your lives, thanks for stopping by.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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43 Responses to My gift to You

  1. annepeterson says:


    Please tell your husband those were wonderful. I liked your webs too. I especially like the drops that have whole scenes in them. Thanks so much for sharing. Get better soon.

  2. Dearest friend, these pictures are amazing. Are you using SLR’s. Love the dew drops with the cows in them, and the wet spider webs. I don’t like spiders, although they do a good job of whatever they are doing. My friend in Hermanus never chase them out of her house. It’s just weird to see a rain spider dart across a ceiling. That’s when I call her to come and take it outside.
    A picture is worth a thousand words….these speak volumes.
    Get well soon, all of you.

    • Patricia thank you, getting there, we both have nikons mine has a larger zoom, but I think Pete’s has better micro. Im not a fan of spiders but pete takes them outside where they belong.

  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    what incredible gifts you and your husband have…
    sight within sight to see the beauty in such small intimate details of life living…..
    Thank you …for sharing…I will check out your husbands FB ….
    Take Care…

  4. mewhoami says:

    These are amazing!

  5. brilliant. absolutely BRILLIANT.

  6. snappychat says:

    awesome, awesome,awesome

  7. Amazing photos! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  8. Bertilla says:

    You, share your beauty and talents in your life with Patricia. She shares the beauty and talent in her life with me through her blog, and I share the inspiration in yours, and hers, and a little bit of my life with the next friend and voila…..we have a web (network) of i women who inspire ….a network that connects! Your husbands artwork with web and raindrops, and Patricia’s photograph of Mojito reflected on the hull of Mojito,…. inspires me to move forward in my little painting effort.
    Patricia is among the most strong, inspiring and exciting women in my evolving network………a treasure!

    • Bertilla what lovely words I am blessed to have met Patricia on the tribewriters course she is an amazing inspiring human being, do you have a website I could connect with?

    • Wow Bertilla, painting is writing in color. You must one day email some of your watercolors, please. Thank you for the kind words. You inspire me just as much. I am glad we met all those years ago, and I am privileged to call you and Kath my friends.

  9. These photos are fantastic! They make me look forward even more to the new camera I have asked Santa for this year. 😉
    My husband and I enjoy spending a lot of time together, doing what we love the most: taking time to enjoy nature, taking walks together, listening to music, reading, and watching movies.
    I hope your flu is better soon!

  10. Those are amazing pictures. I’m not sure how an author’s words could ever compare to those images. I’m looking forward to hearing about your beta reader feedback.

    • Hi Jacqui thanks yes I agree sometimes we don’t need words. My story got a good slicing and dicing and revised, hoping it flows a little better, trying to convey my style in a children’s story is hard, when I finish these edits you and a few other followers will be offered a chance to pick it to pieces too, I value your experience in such matters.

  11. barbhilt45 says:


    I just love this post and amazing photos! Short, sweet and beautiful.
    I want to creative art like this, and have my blog feel this good. My husband and I also share a fondness for nature and photos together. Just this morning I snapped some spider web shots on our walk. The spiders are creepy, yet the webs are shimmery and beautiful at the same time.


  12. serena levett says:

    Love the raindrops Kath & the Web, they seem to have a tranquillity about them. I hope you are over the dreaded Flu. Bless.

  13. They’re beautiful photos…thank you (and please thank him) for sharing. These were as fine a gift as I’ve ever received. I hope your illness passes soon.

  14. Kath, Spiders give me the creeps, but these pictures are beautiful! Thanks for allowing us to see the beauty! Feel better soon!

  15. rabirius says:

    Wonderful pictures.

  16. Michelle says:

    How the simple things can look so amazing. It gives me inner piece and I feel privileged to be apart of your amazing view into life’s precious moments. Kath you and Pete have an special talent


  17. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Stunning photos, just stunning – can hardly believe that one drop between two blades of grass. Just magnificent.

  18. Thank you it is a passion of mine and my hubbies, something we do together and the children sigh and say “Please don’t stop the car again, we just want to get to Nanna’s house” Bless em.

  19. Desi Clown says:

    Speechless…. I’m absolutely speechless… The pictures you and your husband took are beyond any ordinary talent. Thank you for sharing them here 🙂
    I looked at the little drops precariously balancing on a blade of grass, and I think I FINALLY understand the message of your blog! An extremely wonderful present indeed! Thank you and your husband 🙂

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