Chasing Broken Rainbows

DSCN2643An Average Day

On a cold wretched day when every body else hovered near a warm fire or a gas heater. I found myself sitting on a wonky wooden set of stairs which led down to the rocks scattered at the edge of a pounding ocean. Looking out at the rough sea, the wind howling as it whipped at the back of my neck. My toes felt like slabs of stone filling the tips of my boots. My fingers ached, numbed by the chill as I shoved them deeper into my pockets. With eyes watering and a runny nose, due to a head cold, I sat there and waited.

Why was I out on such a day you might question? Minutes before I was sitting by a warm heater and sipping on a hot chocolate forever thankful for those small pleasures. I noticed a rainbow far out on the distant sea. As I watched in awe my son started to get a little restless, I decided to take him for a run on the beach, with the hope I could capture the rainbow on my camera, whilst he let of some steam.


You could say as the chill factor settled in my tired old bones, I was did not enjoy the great outdoors on this particular day. By the time we reached the beach the rainbow had disappeared. My son on the other hand, made the most of it, having a wonderful time, climbing rocks and finding stones to smash on the boulders. The wind picked up and I shrunk down inside my coats, yes coats I had two coats and three layers of clothing.

Even though this was not my idea of a relaxing Saturday afternoon it was something my son needed, his release. A good run and some sensory play to use up the overload of energy he never seems to run out of, even after walking an eight kilometre walk-a-thon for school. He is often reminded to sit still, when his hyperactive body bounces from one piece of my mum’s furniture to another. Even though we understand he can’t help it we still have to remind him that this is not the place to jump.

rainbow2As I sat there watching him bob up and down in between the boulders I noticed a slight wash of colour in the dark skies a quarter of a rainbow. It was magnificent yet to capture in on film just did not do it justice. I gave up trying and just enjoyed the moment.

I thought about my son under the broken rainbow, what it felt like to have a body that was in a perpetual motion. My child, on the spectrum, often riddled with anxiety and constant thought, it did not seem fair that his body and brain behaved the way it did. As I shivered and smiled at him, a warm feeling swelled through my heart, and seeped into every cold part of my chest, the love I have for my kids knows no boundaries. He smiled at me and waved back, a tear in my eye for his struggles. He handles them as any child does, sometimes with fear, sometimes with anger but mostly just saying I can’t help that, it’s who I am.

A few drops of rain and I saw my escape.

“Honey I think its time we went back to Nan’s, it’s going to rain.” He came running and so did the down pour, it pelted giant raindrops at my face, we giggled and fled for the car, by the time we reached the doors and climbed inside, drenched through and laughing uncontrollably. Not to mention I was puffing due to my level of fitness. On the way home my son said this.

“I think god was having a little fun with us today mum, watching us get wet.” I laughed out loud and so did he. Kids say the funniest things. To life I say we laugh in the face of our challenges, cry when we need to, but mostly hold our heads high as a family unit we are strong and loving. I know my son has challenges, as do all children, but with our support he can overcome many things. I salute the broken rainbow and give thanks that it is better than no rainbow at all, just like him, I can’t imagine my life without him or my beautiful daughter.


With the night-time upon us we snuggled in our pj’s by the warm heater while my boy tells his sister and Nan about how God had played a joke on us. Me with a glass of wine, the children with their hot chocolates, I took to the kitchen making pizza dough. A yummy kid friendly meal and we finished off with Nana’s specialty, her rich chocolate pudding and warm custard. It is amazing how a little comfort food can put a smile on your dial after a cold day. I sat watching the full moon rise over a pink clouded sky, I felt comforted by the thought my life has many challenges and on the hard days I remember the rainbow of love, gods gift to me on this day.

What challenges do you face when all you have is love to get you through? Please share them with this tired mum, I appreciate your comments and support.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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41 Responses to Chasing Broken Rainbows

  1. annepeterson says:

    Great post, Kath.
    I struggle with PTSD and at times I least expect it a button will engage which sends me back to a painful memory. I am more aware of how to help myself when those buttons go off, but still at times it is taxing. I’ve found if I tell myself things I wished were spoken to me it is healing. That or spending time with my favorite two little guys and their sister. I feel love when I’m with them.

  2. “I salute the broken rainbow and give thanks that it is better than no rainbow at all, just like him, I can’t imagine my life without him or my beautiful daughter.”
    This is beautiful. It is easy to love what is perfect, Kath. It is loving the imperfect in all of us that makes life worth living, as you so profoundly show in this post. Thank you for that. x

  3. Nancy Ward says:

    Yes nature is comforting in down times because we know the Creator is there displaying his power. I don’t have an ocean beach to find signs of him. I do have a lake behind my house and just seeing it throughout the day is comforting. We have lived here 10 years and every day a unique scene unfolds before us. I get up earlier now to catch the sun as it peeks over the horizon. It’s a touch point of God’s faithfulness. No matter what is going on in my life I am as sure of his loving presence as I of the sunrise, even on stormy days.

  4. I love the broken rainbow Kath, I love your way of looking at life in all its perplexities. My comfort comes from the beauty of God’s creation all around me, the song of the birds, the ever changing canvas of the sky, the feel of the soft breeze.

  5. snappychat says:

    Kath, that is a wonderful recount of a very special rainbow and your beautiful children. I am so blessed to have two very healthy teenage boys who I love very much, Nature does give us some beautiful things that reminds us just how lucky we all are for our children and our lives. Love following your journey

    • Suzanne we are kindred spirits, you appreciate the beauty of life through your photos as do I and I also enjoy seeing what you will capture on any given day. Thanks for the lovely kind words.

  6. Audrey Chin says:

    Kath, a lovely post about how even broken rainbows have their own beauty. I love that it was your son with his challenges who provided the comforting words about god having fun with the pair of you. When I’m challenged, I turn on the air conditioner and crawl under my duvet and sleep.

  7. Hey, my cold friend,
    Broken rainbows, a very apt description of just about all of us. I am a broken rainbow too, we all are. I was there sitting on the wooden steps in the cold, by your side (how easily one forgets how cold it can be, when I am dying from heat already, and its not yet 8am) watching the sea in all her fury while a little boy played, his dark hair whipping in the wind. While you were crying he was laughing. I take life much to seriously, cry when I should laugh, drag my feet when I should run, argue when I should love.
    Today I am going to mend my broken rainbow.

  8. snappychat says:

    I have nominated you for a sunshine award

  9. Lotta Wanner says:

    Reading your words is like drinking that smoth, hot, ceeamy chocolate, and the marshmallows on the top is the beautiful wisdom of life you share with is. I could go on reading your words forever. Thank you Kath, for making this post today, from your heart. Your pictures are also amazing.

  10. kez08001 says:

    You write beautifully and this is such an incredible story. I face a reoccuring struggle everyday and honestly, the only thing that gets me through IS love. I have so much to say about about your post but I am still speechless. You are an incredible Mom and your appreciation for all things is inspirational. Thank you for reminding me of what’s important.

    • Thanks for dropping in, I guess we need to find the positives every day to keep life from swallowing us up. Love is all you need some days and others a good friend to talk with. Thanks for your kind words I look forward to hearring about your travels.

  11. grovewithin says:

    “To life I say we laugh in the face of our challenges, cry when we need to, but mostly hold our heads high as a family unit we are strong and loving.” I love reading your writings!
    I was blessed with 5 brothers/sisters who love me unconditionally and as a family we have been through some tough times, but we got through with laughter, tears and so much love for each other.
    Sending happy blessings to you and yours!

    • Oh thanks I never say no to happy blessings and appreciate you just reading my stories. I come from a big family too. Can’t imagine growing up and not being apart of that large, often mad but fun world. Im glad you love reading, each week something small builds in my mind and needs to come out on the page.

  12. Sara says:

    Such a lovely piece of writing and an even more lovely story. I do believe I felt all you felt that day, just by jumping into your words. I also believe we have a fun-loving God who would likely play a joke. Your son was probably right.

    • Sara thank you Im glad you went along for the ride, if more people could open their eyes and see what their neighbor is doing we would have more compassion and understanding in this world. My son says a lot of things that help me think outside the square. Thank you.

  13. I expect one more thing besides love. I know we’re all different, but hope is the one thing I treasure, As long as it’s around…no problem is too big.
    Mind you a big hunk of dough, some cheese and a load of ‘found objects’ from the ‘fridge: sounds great to me too.

    • I agree Maurice hope is a biggie in our world and comfort food goes a long way too. Thanks for reading I appreciate it.

      • One more thing: besides pizza dough, a pig pile of flatbreads is a great thing too! Lay them on cookie sheets along with BBQ, Pizza and Ranch sauce/dressing. Put a few bowls of topping out along with a bit of shredded cheese. Everyone gets their favourite. Oh–and a glass of wine on the side doesn’t hurt 🙂

  14. Della Law says:

    Kath, it’s June, it’s summer? Why so cold where you are?

    • Hi Della we live in Australia on the other side of the globe it is winter here through June july August. Not looking forward to july the coldest month it seems this year we are in for a really cold one. We live down the south coast the further south you get the colder it gets. Google Bega on a map we live about twenty minutes from bega in the dairy belt. Plenty of good cheese to be had, thanks for stopping in, I did enjoy your cat stories the other day too.

  15. Della Law says:

    p.s. just loved your writing.

  16. I’ve never seen a half rainbow before. It’s been raining here in CA and if it weren’t so cloudy, I might see the full bloom. I’m patient.

  17. Kath, what a beautiful story, beautifully written. The comments show how much this Parable of the Broken Rainbow has touched your readers. You are putting us in touch with each other — people who can see the beauty of the infinite as it breaks through in those moments of question and despair. Hold in there. Your love for your children is a reflection of that beauty!

  18. Theresa says:

    This is so beautiful! Your words paint pictures full of feeling, and you so very well captured how an ordinary day can turn into something extraordinary, if we just look beyond that which we see.
    That broken rainbow glittered with grace…

  19. Beautiful and real views of those times we all struggle with. Thank God for a little rain, huh? It’s the “blessings” afterwards when we sit back that are the ointment for the “tired old bones.” Beautifully written. 🙂

  20. Desi Clown says:

    We’re having some unseasonal rains here right now, so the setting for reading this post is just perfect, and now that you’ve put the thought in my head, I need some hot chocolate :p hahaha! You have an amazing way with words, and I think the painter in you took over while noticing the slight ‘wash’ of colour in the dark sky (AMAZING how it sounds, like someone painted it there for you to see)… All in all, another brilliant post, may you have many more such pleasant memories with your loved ones 🙂

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